30 Days of Badger – Day 5

Posted on August 5, 2014

Yesterday’s installment of #30daysofbadger was concentrated on Emily’s CityLab article, Debating the Local Food Movement. As I mentioned, there was one additional thing in this Badger article I wanted to focus on.

Here is the excerpt from that particular section:

Urban farms don’t have to be incompatible with density, [Sarah Rich, author of Urban Farms] argues. Thinking of this, she recounts a recent flight into the Los Angeles airport. “The way we’re flying in, I was coming over this area where I was looking at just ungodly acres of flat rooftops that are just sitting there in LA.,” she says. “The sun is shining. I see that, and I do have the thought that man, we could really be using that space for something.”

The City of Portland is at the forefront of this exact use of building space. Specifically the Bureau of Environmental Services and their “Portland Ecoroof Program

Check out the spectacular video below about the strides building owners are taking here in the Portland area to improve urban spaces.

To learn more about these types of programs click on the links below:



Know of any other places doing cool things with urban spaces? Hit me up in the discussion section or on twitter: @joshg22

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