Four Opportunities to Write for ELGL

Posted on February 19, 2017

Our roster of writers continues to grow and we invite you to make it even bigger. The original content provided by our guest writers allowed us to surpass the 1,000,000 views threshold in February 2017. In fact, February 17, 2017 was the most active day in the history of the ELGL website with 38,906 views. Below are four opportunities to contribute.

Engaging Locally

Purpose: To explore the specific actions that can be taken to increase your influence on the local level.

Example: How to Influence Local Government (When the Ball Is Passed, Be Ready to Shoot)

Participate: Engaging Locally

Intersection of Faith and Public Service

Purpose: This series will help other ELGL members navigate the balance of their public service careers and their personal faiths.

Example: Intersection of Faith and Public Service with Eli Ritchie

Participate: Sign up to be a guest columnist.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Purpose: You have the ability to create the perfect local government. What’s one thing that we should include from your organization? What’s one thing being employed by another local government that we should include?

Example: Ideas Worth Sharing: Your Department Has Been Selected for an Audit

Participate: Sign up to be a guest columnist.

Storytellers: My Life in Eight Songs

Purpose: Guest columnists will name their defining songs along with a couple of sentences explaining their meaning. You can keep it strictly professional or you can tie in your early years, high school years, college years, and more. Just have fun with it.

Example: Storytellers with Adam Blowers, City of Geneva, NY

Participate: Sign up to be a guest columnist.

New column or article idea?!?! If you have an idea for a new column or article, send an email to [email protected].

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