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ELGL Central Oregon Hosts Heather Gantz, Waldron Senior Consultant

Thursday, June 6, 2013 12:00- 1:00 p.m. Bend Parks and Recreation Heather Gantz, Senior Consultant for Waldron HR will share resume best practices and provide resume feedback. In addition; she will discuss the ELGL Resume Book, the work of recruitment firms, and how to make connections with recruitment firms when you are outside the Portland/Salem … Continued

Knope of the Week: Heather Gantz, Waldron Senior Consultant

After a long holiday break including a brief jump off the fiscal cliff, the Knope of the Week is rested and ready to anoint the standouts in the local government arena for 2013. This year recipients will not only the incredible fame and glory associated with the award, but they will be recognized with a … Continued

Resume Review With Heather Gantz, Waldron HR

To date, we’ve had an overwhelming response to the Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) network “Resume Book,” an opportunity to showcase your resume to a wide variety of employers in the region.  Thank you for your interest in this unique opportunity for ELGL members.  Providing opportunities like the Resume Book is consistent with ELGL’s commitment … Continued

Job Post: Fort Collins, CO Traffic Engineer

You can find all of ELGL’s job posts at From time to time, we help our members with tough-to-recruit for positions with added outreach and visibility on and our social media channels. When you see posts like this, take a minute to share the link with anyone in your network who might be … Continued


The Buzz with Kirsten Wyatt What I Am Reading: Maisie Dobbs’ Birds of a Feather by Jacqueline Winspear What I Am Watching: Homeland What I Am Listening To: New Freezer What I Am Re-Watching: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel   I’m an awards show junkie. I love them and my family has slowly come to accept this, to … Continued

October 2017: Laugh, Cry, and Think

ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt is bloggin’ about those things that make you Laugh, Cry, and Think.  He is also dishing out the #BigLocalGovBaller designation. Here’s what you missed in July.  Cry T-minus 42 hours to contribute to the ELGL Diversity Dashboard Kickstarter. This is my final plug for the Diversity Dashboard. My two daughters Eleanor and Josephine … Continued

July Twenty Seventeen: Laugh, Cry, Think

ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt is bloggin’ about those things that make you Laugh, Cry, and Think. He is also dishing out the #BigLocalGovBaller designation. Here’s what you missed in June.  July 30 It’s Traeger List week! Here’s how we’ll reveal this list. Monday: #81 to 100 Tuesday: #61 to 80 Wednesday: #41 to 60 Thursday: #21 … Continued

Weekly Update: Job Ads, Tweet Maps, Impacts, #GFOA2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear ELGL members, I just got done planting my garden for this summer. Highlights: a TON of pumpkins (I’m completely obsessed with growing pumpkins – this year I’m going for volume and I planted jack o lantern pumpkins and designer white pumpkins), edamame, various peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, carrots, and herbs. Stay tuned for lots of pictures … Continued

Debrief: Power(s) Hour with Steve Powers, City of Salem, OR

This week we welcomed Steve Powers, City of Salem, OR city manager back to Oregon. Previously, Steve was the manager in Jackson County, OR and the City of Ann Arbor, MI. Thanks to Heather Gantz, Waldron and Jeanna Troha, City of Wilsonville, OR for assisting with the event. Here’s a summary of the restaurant options, vacation … Continued

Say WA!? ELGL expands to Washington State

Home to the Super Bowl champions, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Grey’s Anatomy, and Twilight, Washington state adds a new family member this week…….ELGL. We are proud to announce a new partnership with the Association of Washington Cities (AWC).  This new partnership will bring ELGL programming and information to local government professionals working in Washington cities.  ELGL also plans on … Continued

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