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#13Percent: The Role of the Elected Official with Rafael Baptista

We’re committed to keeping the #13Percent issue at the forefront of local government discussions.  Periodically, we’ll post “From My Perspective” blog posts from ELGL members on the topic of women in local government leadership.   Here’s a post from SE ELGL Project Manager Rafael Baptista. Baptista is a soon to graduate MPA candidate at UNC … Continued

Cookingham Guidepost #2 – Rafael Baptista

Guidepost #2: Formal acts of the council become public policy, and you as city manager must always do your best to translate these policies into action. You should do this in a manner to best realize the intent of the council. In some cases, you may not agree with the policy, but it is your … Continued

Guest Buzzer February 12th: Rafael Baptista

Hello! During the Wyatt’s well deserved vacation to a top-secret beachfront location, Kent has decided to take the questionable risk of letting me be the guest buzzer for February 12th. I currently work as the College Activities and Greek Life intern at Linfield College while applying to MPA programs. Before working for Linfield, I worked … Continued

Part III: A Passion for Public Service with Rafael Baptista

Part I and Part II – A Passion for Public Service with Rafael Baptista Submit In an evening in late December, I finally pushed the “Submit” button of the last of my applications for a Fall MPA (or, in one case, MBA/MPA) program. This single gesture capped months of preparation and hard work: from online research and informational … Continued

Part II: A Passion for Public Service with Rafael Baptista

Part I: A Passion for Public Service with Rafael Baptista The GRE, a New Job, and Graduate School Over a month ago, I made the life-changing decision to pursue a Masters in Public Administration. However, only now, with GRE scores in hand and the first applications to graduate school looming, am I appreciating the full scope of … Continued

A Passion for Public Service with Rafael Baptista

Today we welcome Rafael Baptista to the ELGL blog family. His new blog feature, “A Passion for Public Service” will detail the decisions he faces after graduating from Willamette University. Each of you can help Rafael as he sorts through what do to next. Specifically, Rafael is considering pursuing an MPA and would welcome the … Continued

My First 90 Days

Today’s Buzz is by Rafael Baptista. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter. What I am…. Reading: The Truths We Hold by Senator Kamala Harris  Watching: Masterchef Season 10  Listening to: The One Thing Podcast  This past June, I moved from a strategic planning position to a community economic development position. This has been a … Continued

Rolling out the Welcome Mat

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Rafael Baptista. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter. What Rafael is reading: Broke, USA by Gary Rivlin  … watching: Masterchef Season 10  … listening to: Latin Pop Hits on Amazon Music  I am spending the 4th of July in New York City with my wife and our big activity … Continued

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