A Taste of #ELGL18 with Emily Edmonds

Posted on March 5, 2018

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Emily Edmonds

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My favorite adventure in life was….
backpacking around with my daughter in Europe after we saved our change for years in the Paris jar. 

The most important decision that I’ve made in life was…
deciding to go to grad school at UNC after taking ten years to finish a bachelors’ degree, and seeing my daughter see that.
If I was booking the guests for the GovLove podcast, I would book…
Vivian Howard, of Chef’s Table fame, to discuss the needs of economic and agricultural development in rural communities.
If I couldn’t work in my current position, I would…
cash out all my savings and write big long mystery novels in a cottage by the ocean in Scotland. 

I made the choice to attend #ELGL18 because….
I have family in Golden, have loved every trip there, and Modest Mouse is playing the Sunday before so I can take my daughter to Red Rocks for the first time! In all seriousness, I’m doing ELGL this year out of pocket due to a job transition and I still wouldn’t trade it for a thing. I believe in ELGL’s power to connect amazing people and there’s no price that can be put on the revitalization of my own dedication to public service, which I always leave with due to the inspiration and encouragement of knowing so many other good people are working despite everything to make their communities the best places they can be. 

I’ll know that I made the right choice to attend #ELGL18 if…
I am in at least one selfie with Kirsten and Kent. Preferably with large sunglasses, mustaches, or balloons.

If I was writing the questions for the feature, I would have asked…
what topic in local government would be best for a celebrity hackathon.

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