About Me: Jacob Johnson, #InstitutionalKnowledge Project Coordinator

Posted on January 14, 2017

Meet Jacob Johnson, ELGL’s new project coordinator for the #InstitutionalKnowledge project. As part of this project, we’re interviewing retired or soon-to-retire local government pros about their careers, lessons learned, and perspectives on the future of local government.

Hi, I’m Jacob!

I am currently studying as an undergraduate in English at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. I am still surprised that my favorite class so far has been a technical writing course; something about its formulaic nature was really satisfying.

When I’m not studying or reading, I’m generally up in the mountains, hiking and swimming in the beautiful lakes. I love eating, but actually love cooking even more. In cold weather like in Utah now, I make a big pot of chili and lots of cornbread to stay warm. Next on my list of dishes to conquer: ceviche.

I recently got involved in local government, but I’m hooked. I currently serve on Provo Police Department’s Citizens Advisory Board and as a part of my local Neighborhood Watch. Once I’m finished with my undergraduate degree, I plan to head to masters program in public administration.

Growing up in a rural community of Colorado and then having the opportunity to live in Novosibirsk, Russia for a few years, I have seen the excitement and vitality that are found in urban communities. Count me among the millennials who are heading to the city.

I really believe that local government has solutions to many of the biggest problems our country faces. I’m so happy to be working with ELGL; I think they are doing such critical work for our nation and our communities.

I will be working on a new project, the Institutional Knowledge project, in which I will be writing profiles of retiring local government officials. Our goal is to preserve the rich knowledge that these leaders have gained over years of service. I’m so excited for this opportunity. As I begin my career in public service, I look forward to learning from those have gone before. I can’t wait to learn from their expertise and wisdom and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

If you’d like to nominate someone for me to profile this year as part of our Institutional Knowledge series, drop me an email or tweet at me.

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