Amplify your City’s Voice: How Community Media Centers Can Help

Communication, partnerships, and engagement are some of the pieces of the foundation for an effective government. Community media centers, digital connectors in our communities, have been around for decades. How can your government utilize these beacons in the community? Learn more about how you can build these communications in this series with Dana Healy.

Meet Dana

Dana Healy is the Executive Director of NineNorth and the CEO of the North Suburban Communications Commission. She leads a team of Emmy-award winning professionals that serves cities, nonprofits and government agencies looking to connect and engage with their communities through digital media. Her guiding principle is, “Don’t make videos, make an impact.” She holds two master’s degrees she earned while working full-time. Her passion is discovering and planning effective communication strategies to help municipalities reach their target audience. She also holds a third degree black belt in Karate, which she only occasionally uses in business meetings.  

Connect with Dana

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