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Questioning Gender Assumptions

Today’s Buzz is by Alisha Janes (Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn) What I’m Watching: Watchmen What I’m Reading: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World Thanksgiving in my family has typically been a gendered holiday. Most of my female relatives make their annual contribution to the food. My grandma cooks the turkey and … Continued

Apply for that Job!

Today’s Buzz is by Alisha Janes (Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn) What I am watching: Schitt’s Creek What I am listening to: Episode 684 of This American Life, Burn it Down    What I am reading: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood This month I was honored to interview for a town manager position in an incredibly beautiful Colorado mountain town. … Continued

Thank You Note to ELGL

Today’s Buzz is by Alisha Janes (Twitter and LinkedIn) What I’m Watching: Glow: The Handmaid’s Tale What I’m Reading: Change or Die What I’m Eating: All Dressed Chips When I finally landed a local government gig, I was in love. My previous job in school leadership was challenging, meaningful, and enjoyable so I didn’t realize … Continued

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