Golden Rule of Local Government Communications

For anyone who is the local government communications, your golden rule should be: DON’T SHOW UP YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS! “Among the responsibilities of a professional local government manager is the role of maintaining a positive relationship with the governing body and working with them to enhance their work. I would argue that this is the most … Continued

The Dumping Ground: A Local Government Website Story

This is not a new topic in the modern age, however, in my experience, local governments tend to be the biggest offender of using their websites as dumping grounds. A common phrase amongst local government employees to webmasters is “can you put this up on our website? People need to know about this.” That’s the … Continued

Reaching and Engaging Students in a College Town

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What I’m Reading: Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis (Author),‎ Michael Gaydos (Illustrator),‎ & Bill Sienkiewicz (Illustrator) 9 out of 10 times, I’ll be giving you a graphic novel or comic book, “what I’m reading.” This collection contains Alias 1-9 and helps you binge one of the best Marvel stories. Very similar to the … Continued

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