Author: Jordan Rae Hillman

Internal Customer Service – Are We Not All Community Members?

If you asked your employees to rate the service they receive from other divisions and departments, would you get a thumbs up or thumbs down? During a budget hearing presentation one of my coworkers stated one of her division’s biggest challenges is cross-departmental customer service. This statement struck me as something we don’t discuss enough. … Continued

Failure to Maintain Lane (FTML)

If you have a driver’s license you may vaguely remember “Failure to Maintain Lane (FTML)” traffic violation from driver’s education. It is one of the most common violations that causes accidents.  It can lead to drifting into oncoming traffic or swerving to avoid an accident. and causing an accident. If a driver change lanes, the … Continued

When the Innovations are Small

I love reading about communities who are embracing innovative. The communities that are looking for the big wins. I don’t work for one of those communities, at least not yet. We will get there, but we are at the beginning of that path. Our innovations are small and simple right now, but those small and … Continued

I Can’t Do This But I’m Doing It Anyway #CfA2018

ELGL at Code for America Summit 2018 Recap In late April, WhatWorksCities announced they were giving away five spots to attend the Code for America Summit in Oakland. The challenge was simple: submit an idea that you (as a city staffer) would like to tackle with the civic tech community. The five most inspiring ideas … Continued

Can Twitter be a Professional Development Tool?

In a time where we’re doing more with less, finding professional development opportunities is challenging. Budget constraints have made attending conferences and trainings difficult. However, even without attending an event, you can benefit from the knowledge being shared. A free Twitter account is a powerful professional development tool that keeps you connected to key conferences. Here are seven ways … Continued

There’s No Place Like Local Government for Landscape Architects

In honor of World Landscape Architecture Month #WLAM2018, I wanted to discuss the incredible value of positioning landscape architects as key leaders in local government. Degrees in public administration, public policy, public health, and city planning get a lot of attention when discussing the type of educational background that makes for a great local government employee.  … Continued

Morning Buzz – It’s Your Turn to Speak

The Buzz with Jordan Rae Hillman What I’m listening to: Imagine Dragons What I’m reading: The Problem of Slavery in Christian America by Joel McDurmon What I’m watching: Victoria Just a few years ago I was attending professional conferences wishing I had something interesting enough to talk about to be a speaker. I found myself wishing the topics … Continued

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