Author: Kirsten Wyatt

Three Norsemen of the Datapocalypse

Free webinar Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Noon PDT Registration required Learn how the award-winning Village of Buffalo Grove, IL team uses their work and asset management data to improve everything from snow and ice control to daily vehicle checks. They’ll share how data is used to drive decision-making across the village and the importance of … Continued

Understanding Our Identity & Values

This guest blog is by ELGL member Matt Hirschinger, the Assistant to the Town Manager in Hudson, Colorado. Last month I presented this article on six steps in identifying and engaging with our own privilege. This post is a deeper look into Step Three: “Adjusting our Self-Identity,” as it’s by far the most difficult yet important … Continued

Roger That: A Series About Leading Culture

This is a blog series about “Leading Culture” by Rae Buckley and Lindsey Bineau, with the expertise of retired Chapel Hill, NC Town Manager, Roger Stancil. Read all installments as they’re published online here. Today’s introduction post is by Rae Buckley. As a former union organizer I would not have wanted a career in local government management if it … Continued

Member Profile: Caroline Frizell

Caroline Frizell Associate at CIG Twitter | LinkedIn If you had to live in a different city, what city would you choose? San Diego Storytelling or innovation? Which is the most overused word in local government? Transparency What year would the most important in your life? Why? 2011 – I became a mom! (Complete this … Continued

Die Hard & Design-Based Problem Solving

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Josh Edwards, so be kind or not– either way connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!!! What I’m Listening To: Staying Pumped up post #ELGL19 with Queen hits like “Don’t Stop Me Now” What I’m Reading:  HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Innovation What I’m Watching: NBA & NHL Playoffs What does my favorite holiday movie … Continued

Cal-IMCA Scholarship to Nashville for ICMA Conference

The Cal-ICMA 2019 ICMA Annual Conference Scholarship includes complimentary conference registration as well as a travel stipend to cover some of the lodging and transportation expenses related to attendance at the conference. The 2019 ICMA Annual Conference will be held October 20-23 in Nashville, TN. Apply online here!  The application is live and ready to … Continued

City on the Line: Outcome Budgeting & Civic Engagement

ELGL recently hosted an #ELGLBookClub on “City on the Line.” As part of this effort, author Andrew Kleine gifted five copies of the book to ELGL members so they could read, participate, and share what they’re learning with the ELGL family. This fourth installment is by Jennifer Davies with the City of Las Vegas, Nevada. Read the first installment here. Read … Continued

Topics & Trends in Parks & Rec: Human Capital Management

This blog is by Sydney Lawrence and Catesby Denison, members of the UNC MPA Research Team for Parks & Recreation. The Research Team shared some of their findings as they worked toward a final report issued in late Spring 2019. In our final blog post for the #ELGLKnope Award competition, our research team focused on Parks & … Continued

Planning & Shaping Cities: Transportation Networks

This is a monthly blog by AJ Fawver. She’ll share her perspectives on land use, planning, and community development in this series. Learn more about AJ from her GovLove interview! Read the whole series here. Earlier this week, in putting together a presentation focusing on the various types of thoroughfares involved in a master thoroughfare plan, I was reminded … Continued

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