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Author: Ashley Wooten

Your Opinion is Valuable

What I’m watching: Game of Thrones (rewatching all 7 seasons, winter is coming!) What I’m  reading: Books that are teaching me about accounting (hooray) What I’m listening to: ASTROWORLD – Travis Scott (still in heavy rotation) Whenever people ask me how work is going, I never really have anything bad to say. The fact that … Continued

The Ugly Truth: Microaggressions in the Workplace

What I’m Watching: You What I’m Reading: Nothing at the moment… What I’m Listening to:  The Internet The other day my Soror (Sorority Sister for those unfamiliar with D9 lingo) text me, and asked me to share with her the most disturbing microaggression I have ever experienced.  She experienced an incident that made her uncomfortable, … Continued

Tis The Season for the Fourth Quarter Mentality

What I’m reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama What I’m watching: Christmas Movies of course! What I’m listening to: The Nod I don’t know about everyone else, but I will admit that I am feeling burnt out! This year has had its fair share of ups and downs like any other, and even though 2018 is … Continued

Morning Buzz: There’s No Shame in Hard Work

What I’m reading: You don’t want to know… What I’m watching: Insecure (of course!) What I’m listening to: Smile by Saba If you follow social media, then you were probably shocked a few weeks ago when news was circulating about Geoffrey Owens.  Headlines read something like, “Cosby Show Star Geoffrey Owens spotted working at Trader … Continued

Accountability is Key.

(Twitter) (LinkedIn) What I’m Listening To: If This Is Love – Xavier Omar What I’m Reading:  How to Kill A City What I’m Watching: RIVERDALE It is impossible to stop thinking about the terrible things that plague society. Whether it be pop culture or politics, it is difficult to avoid the disheartening stories that fill our news … Continued

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