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#ELGL16: Get to Know GovSense

#ELGL16 sponsors will be active participants, so we’re pleased to welcome supporters like GovSense (a Record of the Year sponsor, based on our not-at-all-cheesy system of sponsor tiers inspired by VH1, MTV and the glory days of music videos on television). We’ve asked GovSense to provide a brief rundown of their products and services to … Continued

Finding Local Government with Patrick W. Rollens, City of Corvallis, OR

What was your local government moment? What keeps you in local government? Who have been the influences in your career? We take a deep dive into these questions by asking you (the practitioner) to tell your local government story. You can sign up to participate in the bi-monthly feature at Finding Local Government. Thanks to Matt Wojnowski, City … Continued

I’ve Never Worked Harder Than When I Worked from Home

Patrick W. Rollens (LinkedIn & Twitter) arrived in the public sector after a career in journalism. As communications coordinator at the Village of Oak Park and advisory board member with ELGL, he draws upon his skills as a journalist to track emerging trends in communications and social media. Yep, just what the headline says. During my … Continued

Join ELGL for an Evening at the Morton Arboretum

Have you hugged a tree lately? ELGL’s Midwest chapter is venturing out of our cool, climate-controlled offices on Aug. 26 to explore the wonderful Morton Arboretum and learn more about urban forestry. You’re invited to join us! The program will begin with a 4 p.m. presentation from the good folks at the Arboretum’s Community Trees … Continued

Join ELGL at the Women’s Legacy Conference on May 15

A crucial strategy for the nascent #13percent movement is to identify and encourage the next generation of women leaders. With that in mind, we hope you’ll join us at the Women’s Legacy Conference on May 15 in Naperville, Illinois.

#13Percent: Creating Our Own Feedback Loop

Among the many compelling facts that surfaced during ELGL’s recent #13percent webinar was this tidbit: Women are far better represented in nonprofit administration than in local government. Various articles and studies note that as many as 75% of the nonprofit workforce is made up of women.

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