Author: Rebecca Woodbury

Negotiations and Bias

Right Now w/ Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Nightswimming What I’m Watching – Kidding What I’m Reading –  Radical Candor What I’m Doing – having trouble sleeping For those of us trying to reinvent local government (as all good ELGLers are) — goshdarnit, that takes awesome people. It’s hard to … Continued

Measuring to “Yes”

Right Now w/ Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Elliott Smith What I’m Watching – Riverdale, Season 2 What I’m Reading – Regulatory Hacking What I’m Doing – heading up to Healdsburg, CA for the weekend Government programs and services are also often designed in ways that only people with means and resources can figure … Continued

Human-Centered Public Service Design

Right Now w/ Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Listening to – WORLD CUP What I’m Watching – WORLD CUP What I’m Doing – WORLD CUP What I’m Thinking About – WORLD CUP A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking on a panel called Human-Centered Public Service Design & How We Get There for SF Design Week. It was … Continued

How Startups Can Empower the Modern Government Workforce

Right Now w/ Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Italobot What I’m Watching – Southern Charm: New Orleans What I’m Doing – cramming for my ITIL exam on Saturday This article was originally published in the Jan/Feb 2018 edition of GovTech Magazine. Despite the critical work that public servants do for their communities, many lack the tech tools they need … Continued

Trust, Discretion, and the Employee Experience

Right now with Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Nothing Compares 2 U What I’m Watching – RHONY What I’m Doing – painting Warning: this Morning Buzz is more of a Morning Rant. We often talk about trust in government in the context of community satisfaction levels. I’m a firm believer that the community’s experience of government … Continued

Your Employees Need a Website Too

Right now with Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Listening to – mostly dream pop these days What I’m Reading – Technology and Public Management (yes, it’s a textbook) What I’m Watching – Flint Town What I’m Doing – planning a vacation to Spain! So, at the City of San Rafael we have an intranet. It’s a Sharepoint site from like … Continued

Why Good Tech Matters in Your Workplace

Right now with Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Ikkje min feil What I’m Reading – don’t judge me What I’m Watching – Altered Carbon What I’m Doing – eating a chocolate covered marshmallow shaped like a clown In our workplaces, there is a range of comfort levels with technology. And that’s putting it lightly. … Continued

Mutual Aid for Government Websites during a Disaster

By Rebecca Woodbury & Talia Smith, City of San Rafael When a major disaster strikes a region, they need help in more ways than one. After an unprecedented number of wildfires recently broke out in neighboring counties to the north, our jurisdiction, the City of San Rafael, immediately sent our first responders to help fight the fires and … Continued

Serving My Hometown During Unprecedented Times

One week ago I woke up to a 6 a.m. phone call from my parent’s landline. My brother told me the hillside up above our parents home was on fire. On Sunday, October 9, a series of wildfires broke out across the state of California, some of them starting in the dead of night. Fires … Continued

How to get your Organization to Fly Together

By Rebecca Woodbury and Andrew Hening, City of San Rafael In my last Morning Buzz, Judi Brown and I wrote about the beginnings of an innovation and engagement initiative called Together San Rafael. Today, my co-author is Treager List Top Influencer, Andrew Hening, San Rafael’s Director of Homeless Planning & Outreach. Andrew is shepherding our guiding principles process for this initiative. After … Continued

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