Engaging Women in Public Service – It’s a movement!

This Friday, August 25, UNC School of Government will host its 3rd annual conference on the topic of Engaging Women in Public Service.  Registration has been on a wait-list for weeks, and participants are traveling from across NC, Virginia, and South Carolina to attend the conference in Raleigh. Clearly there is energy and enthusiasm for … Continued

Take the EcoChallenge!

When faced with the doom and gloom predictions of an earth changed by climate change it is easy to feel overwhelmed. What can we do to forestall impending calamity?  To start with, just change one thing. Don’t know where to begin? Well, you’re in luck! During two weeks in October, the Northwest Earth Institute puts … Continued

Taking A Break: The Importance of Self-Care

Right Now with Ben DeClue (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Reading – US Census 2020 LUCA FAQ What I’m Doing – Preparing for a City Council meeting and thinking ahead to Thursday When I started my time as Acting City Administrator, one of the first things that I did was pick up the phone and call a … Continued

08.10.17 – Special Elections

Right Now with Jacob Johnson (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Reading – Why Detroit Matters edited by Brian Doucet What I’m Doing – Learning about Employee Volunteer Programs in Utah A Special Election in Utah Two weeks ago, I promised research about Chicago, but I’m not quite ready for that post. So today I’m doing a little … Continued

Taking Knowledge to the Bank

Here at ELGL, we’re committed to transparency and sharing information with one another, whether that is across departments or across the country. Transparency engenders trust in government (think: “trust, but verify”) and strengthens democracy by empowering the public with the information needed to make informed decisions. This is central to a democracy, a word that … Continued

Edible Landscaping at City Hall

By Ben DeClue, City of Lebanon, Missouri One of the first things that I noticed about Lebanon, Missouri’s City Hall when I started here in December 2014 was the presence of edible landscaping.  My time working in a garden center gave me a keen eye for fruit and nut trees. I was  surprised to see … Continued

Great Books in Michigan

By Jacob Johnson, UServeUtah Today we’re buzzin’ about great books and Michigan.   Recently I returned from a trip to visit my wife’s family in Novi, Michigan. While there, I visited the public library and picked one of my new favorite books: Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton. Paton writes of his home, South … Continued

Free Parking Isn’t Free

Have you ever considered how much free parking costs? To you the driver it’s free–or at least it looks that way. A new video from Vox and Mobility Lab details the costs hidden away in the seemingly free parking. Check it out! Are you sufficiently frustrated? Get ready to change the world–er…parking. Check out Strong Town’s … Continued


Right Now with Ben DeClue (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Reading – Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came What I’m Doing – Getting mentally psyched for GenCon 50!! As many of you might have noticed, a slow roll-out of a new Buzz format has begun.  Rather than supplying you, dear reader, with interesting links and news … Continued


In today’s Buzz: we pull out our sweaters and warm clothes in July.  We also keep it short and sweet. I share a lot of links – you read them all. It’s pretty fantastic. Morning Buzz with Noor Shaikh (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Still Processing What I’m Reading – The Better Angels of Our Nature … Continued

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