#CityHallSelfieDay It’s Not Just Picture Day

Morning Buzz by Zach Navin What i’m doing – Planning a hiking trip to Southern Utah What I’m listening to –  Slow Burn What I’m watching – It’s still summer, I try to avoid the indoors What I’m reading – Simple, Not Easy – Terrence Roberts (H/T @lizzykayAR) Now that you’ve tackled #CityHallSelfie Day let’s … Continued

Shared Active Transportation Systems

Right Now w/ Zach Navin (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m doing – Writing Thank You’s What I’m listening to –  Lizzie McGuire Comes on at 4:00 pm (Nostalgic Spotify playlist) What I’m watching – It’s summer, go outside. What I’m reading – Undaunted Courage- Stephen E. Ambrose “We’re witnessing the biggest revolution in transportation since the dawn … Continued


Right Now w/ Zach Navin (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Tear It Down What I’m Watching – Evil Genius What I’m Doing – Prepping for Memorial Day weekend I have a confession. I am the guilty of “wishcycling”. Since single-stream recycling arrived in the early 2000’s, I’ve had the mentality that if you’re unsure whether it … Continued

Penny Pinching

Right Now w/ Zach Navin (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Reading –  The Blue Zones 9 lessons for living longer What I’m Watching – Stanley Cup Playoffs What I’m doing- Waiting on warmer weather Often in the Morning Buzz we discuss the topics we’re facing in our careers. Recently I was spring cleaning at the … Continued

Real Life SimCity

Right Now w/ Zach Navin  (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Reading  – Invisibles- David Zweig What I’m Watching – NHL Playoff Hockey What I’m Doing – Prepping for Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day What I’m listening to– Slowburn: a podcast about Watergate Every so often I get excited about big picture ideas that I’ve had. Particularly … Continued

A Clerks Dream?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time to vote has rolled around once more. Primaries are here and voter registration is a hot topic. I’m not one to generally wade into touchy topics but what the heck, why not? Everyone’s doing it. The State of Washington passed new voter registration laws this past week which automatically registers … Continued

01.18.17: Riding Shotgun in a Snow Plow

This week brought the first significant snow storm to Wisconsin and I was not going to pass up an opportunity to ride shotgun in a snow plow. I was excited to ride around the City for a few hours learning how the city responds to a snow storm. (I mean really, who would pass up … Continued

Writing Content For Your City Website

For the average government employee, explaining government operations is difficult. How many times have you been asked what you do in your job. I’m willing to bet that a good majority of the time the person who asked responds with a blank stare and then “what does that mean?” after you’ve rambled on for a … Continued

Creative Economic Development

By Zach Navin, Twitter and LinkedIn, Public Works Management Analyst at City of Wauwatosa Good Morning World, Today I am going to keep in the spirit of @ELGLSconnie by talking about a real issue facing municipalities within the State of Wisconsin. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF LIQUOR LICENSES!!! The State of Wisconsin law states that a license … Continued


All it takes is a donut. Now that I’ve got your attention I want to talk about getting employees to open up and have meaningful conversations. As I have discussed in a previous post, my department is currently going through a reorganization and bringing our Parks department under the purview of the Public Works department. … Continued

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