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At Cityflag, our commitment is to create a more inclusive and transparent relationship between civil society and government. To achieve this, we are committed to improving the level of public participation, transparency of governments and communication channels between government and society.

Educating people the value of civic engagement goes beyond the classroom or City Hall. Cityflag is contributing to the development of engaged citizens and civic leaders by building up the direct service capacities. These experiences are intended to give emerging leaders a better understanding of a community that is undergoing dramatic change and greater knowledge of the cityÕs resources to respond.

Cityflag introduces the use of government technological platforms to expand public participation channels while facilitating transparency and accountability of public management. It includes apps and web services for citizenship, as well as programs of digital inclusion and civic innovation applied directly to the communities.

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CityFlag – Web
110 East Houston Street, 7th Floor Houston, TX
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