Tracking proposals, requests and decisions, together with supporting documentation and narrative, is vital to budgeting processes in large, complex organizations and governments around the world.
Existing Corporate Performance Management (CPM), and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products provide the planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting software to drive business performance, however these systems are primarily focused on the ‘numbers’ alone.
The BIDS budget formulation system is unique in that it has been specifically conceived and designed to bridge the gap between the capabilities of today’s CPM/EPM products and the need of complex organizations to manage and track their complex budget formulation and execution processes.
BIDS is a software product that creates and manages web-based forms to capture the financial, text and non-financial information required in the budget process.
BIDS allows trained end-users to change many aspects of the forms, processes and rules even after the system is installed. The benefit to your budget management teams is a reduced reliance on specialist IT resources to maintain the budget management system.

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Jon Stehle
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