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Facebook Goes Down, People Call 911

Earlier this week, while a brutal nor’easter was ravaging the East Coast, a handful of panicked citizens in San Francisco called 911. What was their emergency, you ask? Oh nothing much — Facebook and Instagram were down, that’s all. The breathless calls (five in total) prompted one dispatcher to send out this message on social … Continued

Case Study: Digital Agenda Creation with Granicus

In the waning days of 2014, the manager’s office at the Village of Oak Park quietly implemented a new digital agenda creation system from San Francisco-based Granicus. This new initiative was the culmination of at least two years of movement toward paperless agendas and digital meeting packets, and its roll-out required an all-hands-on-deck approach from … Continued

Social Media is not Microsoft Word

Local government organizations, particularly public safety agencies, regularly feel pressure to get out in front of developing news or trend stories. If it happens nationally, there is doubtless a local angle or message to share with residents. These organizations view social media as a great way to join the conversation – and rightly so. But … Continued

The Long Tail of Neighborhood Social Media

Perhaps you’re familiar with a concept called the Long Tail. It’s a statistical concept that has been applied to all sorts of real-world situations, from retail production to game design. It holds true in the world of social media platforms, too.

Social Media as Service Delivery

In social media, we’re often focused on communications efforts: pushing out links, promoting upcoming events and generally working to increase engagement among our followers. This is particularly true in local government, where there’s always an upcoming council meeting, community forum or groundbreaking ceremony to post on Facebook or Twitter. But social media has another role … Continued

Anatomy of a Tweetup

I’m a big proponent of taking social media interactions into the real world whenever possible. Being able to shake hands with someone who you only know as a Twitter handle, or raise a glass with your favorite Facebook fans goes a long way toward strengthening the sense of community around town. It’s even better when … Continued

Top 5 YouTube Tips from ELGL Midwest’s Lunch & Learn

The Midwest chapter hosted its Lunch and Learn event at the Village of Oak Park and Patrick Rollens is here to give us the break down of how it went and what they learned. Oak Park TV Manager, Joe Kreml, spoke about operating a YouTube account on a budget. The Recap Last week ELGL’s Midwest chapter … Continued

Let’s Get Engaged

The ELGL resident social media guru, Patrick Rollens, is back with his take on services that claim they can better engage or track engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Read his take below and feel free to respond with your own experiences.

Hashing Out Your Hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere these days: on billboards, TV shows, bumper stickers – and oh yeah, on social media posts. What started as a simple tool for filtering posts on Twitter has turned into a cultural phenomenon. Just look at the broad appeal of the recent #bringbackourgirls campaign on social media.

Is YouTube for You?

I was pleased to see that last month’s column about how to respond to snarky comments on social media generated some nice discussion on LinkedIn and Twitter. I also sent the column to my boss, the Oak Park Communications Director David Powers. As you can see from this pic, Oak Park’s staff offices lack a … Continued

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