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Rewind: The 4-1-1 on Slack

Link: The 4-1-1 on Slack Relive Chris Maddox’s (Seneca Systems CEO) breathtaking presentation on using Slack in your organization. Don’t be scared by Chris’ tough guy selfie in front of the San Francisco City Hall. Quotables “Slack channels allow you to have targeted and effective conversations.” “My lord. I don’t want to have to search … Continued

Webinar Library: Building Workforce Equity with Julie Nelson

Rewind: Watch the Webinar This webinar focused on policies, practices and real stories from two jurisdictions focused on workforce equity, St. Paul Minnesota, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Hat tip to Sarah Hazel, City of Charlotte, for coordinating the webinar. Meet the Participants Julie Nelson is the Director of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity and … Continued

Rewind: Dealing with Social Media Trolls

Webinar Recording: Dealing with Social Media Trolls – Chris Hernandez, City of Kansas City, MO Takeaways – #TrollHunter Before you make someone a #localgov #socialmedia admin, ask a few questions to see if they “get it”. Let the media know when their sources are repeatedly providing incorrect facts. Kansas City has a rumor page but cautions … Continued

Rewind: City of Dayton, OH Take the Lead on Leave

Paid Parental Leave Report – Innovation Ohio Click here to watch the recording of the webinar. ELGL recently hosted a free webinar with leaders from the City of Dayton, Ohio on their new progressive parental leave policy. Our guest presenters were: Nan Whaley, Mayor City of Dayton Kenneth Couch, Director, Human Resources, City of Dayton … Continued

Webinar Series: I Want to be Your Analyst with CPBB

We’re partnering with the Center for Priority Based Budgeting on the innovative webinar training series, “I Want to be Your Analyst.” We will be posting each article and webinar recording.   I. Article: Analyze This! CPBB & ELGL Launch “I Want to be Your Analyst” Link: Webinar Recording II. Article: Power of Data Modeling in the City of Wheat Ridge, … Continued

Watch the #ELGLFire Webinar with Phil Keisling

This week we had an awesome webinar with Phil Keisling and Kent Robinson of the Center for Public Service at Portland State University on their research into fire departments. They recently wrote an article for Governing Magazine on the topic and the webinar delved a little deeper into what they found. Watch the webinar at … Continued

Relive the Making Open Data Work Webinar

Big thanks to MRSC and Socrata for partnering with us to put on a great webinar on Open Data last week! We got to hear from three cities in the State of Washington about how they are using big data and what it takes to start a big data initiative. Below is a recap from MRSC … Continued

Rewind: Metro’s Success in Attracting a Diverse Workforce

Martha Bennett, Chief Operating Officer of Oregon Metro, shared what the regional government has done to be successful in recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. Check out the recording below and the takeaways on Twitter from the webinar. Watch the webinar   Word on the Street Some of the takeaways on twitter from the webinar: It’s … Continued

Rewind: Webinar with Facebook’s Katie Harbath

Katie Harbath, Facebook’s Global Politics and Government Outreach Manager, and Kristy Dalton, Founder & CEO of Government Social Media, joined the City of Evanston for a webinar regarding how governments can get verified and stay secure, among other topics.

City Hall Goes Mobile – Webinar Library

City Hall Goes Mobile With the proliferation of mobile apps it’s natural for local governments to get in on the action. But what’s the best route to success? From implementation to promotion, this panel shares their experience and best practices for mobile apps in local government. Ben McCready#LocalGov Geek proudly serving the City of Geneva, IL. … Continued

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