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LGBTQIA and Allies Organizations

ELGL is proud to host the CivicPRIDE website and blog posts. The below is a partial list of organizations that LGBTQIA local government professionals can use as resources. Is this list missing an organization? Contact us and we’ll update it. American Planning Association LGBTQ & Planning Division Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Diversity Office … Continued

#CityHallSelfie: A Love Story

This guest blog is by Pam Davis (Weir), Assistant to the City Manager, City of Goodyear. Connect with Pam on Twitter. My love for the #cityhallselfie borderlines on the absurd. Since January 2015, I have shared more than 30 selfies from communities in 11 states and 2 countries. I don’t travel anymore without making time … Continued

LG’s in LG: The Gay Thing

This article was originally posted in February 2015. At the time, Phil Smith-Hanes was the County Administrative Officer for Humboldt County, CA. He is the Ellis County (KS) County Administrator.  The human tendency (or need) to categorize is a fascinating trait. Especially when we apply that to human beings. Even ourselves. I’m in lots of categories … Continued

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