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Our Fearless Leader is Leaving and It’s Your Fault

By John Lisle (LinkedIn & Twitter), Chief of External Affairs at DC Water I blame ELGL. There’s no other way to explain it. Here’s the overwhelming evidence: Barely one month after being voted the second most influential leader in local government on the prestigious 2017 Traeger List, my boss, the honorable George S. Hawkins, Esquire, announced September … Continued

The Rest of the Story with “The Critter Getter”

Sunnyvale’s ‘Critter Getter‘ Now Has His Own Song The hottest song in local government is “The Critter Getter” listen to the track below! After hearing this song ELGL had to interview the man behind it. Frank Locke is an Animal Control Officer for the Town of Sunnyvale, TX a town of about 5,000 in the … Continued

#WeBuiltThisCity: Rappin’ About Your #2

Rap video shares importance of San Francisco’s sewer system  You’ve seen the John Oliver video, you’ve watched the 60 Minutes feature, and you know our infrastructure is failing. ELGL is launching #WeBuiltThisCity to highlight our perspective of the infrastructure woes facing our country. We will highlight the complexities involved in fixing our infrastructure through a … Continued

Bonds… City Bonds & Communicating with Round Rock, TX

One of our favorite local government videos and communications departments is up for an award! The City of Round Rock, TX is up for a TAMIO award and we sat down with them and got a behind the camera take on their two most successful videos. Check out the videos and interview below. 

College Football Championship Brings Big Rewards for the DFW Metroplex

Harrison Wicks covers the lasting effects of the College Football Championship for Arlington, TX and the surrounding DFW Metroplex. Hosting national sporting events is becoming big money for an area that has all the tools such as sporting facilities, premier hotels and resorts, a robust infrastructure, and mild climate. So what do we know? Ohio … Continued

Walk the Walk: #13Percent Next Steps

We’ve received a huge response to ELGL’s coverage of the ICMA report on women in local government management – and the lack of progress that has been made.  We’re working on a series of outreach and education activities so we can walk the walk (and not just talk the talk) when it comes to shining … Continued

Mobile Billboards, Internal Bike Share….Newark’s Approach to Healthy Living

Ian Davidson, ELGL project assistant, writes about an internal bike share program for city employees in Newark, Delaware. Internal Bike Share for City Employees by Ian Davidson – LinkedIn and Twitter The City of Newark’s internal bike share program first came to our attention in this Newark Post article, “City employees’ bikes serve as ‘mobile … Continued

Rest of the Story on Writing Your Position Out of the Budget

This column has featured an in-depth look behind the headlines of topical local government news. Previously, we have highlighted the Hillsboro Police Chief recruitment, the Whitehorse City Council commercial, the Deschutes County property tax fairy, and the impact of Pharell’s “Happy” video on local government. Today, Lee Elliott discusses his experience an interim city manager and … Continued

The Rest of the Story on “LYH Happy”

Debuting in November 2013, “Happy” is a song performed by Pharrell Williams. It appeared originally on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album and later as the lead single on Pharell’s  second studio album, G I R L (2014). The song was written and produced by Pharell.  Since its release, the song has appeared in Fiat commercials, covered on The X Factor, and covered by … Continued

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