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Category: Communication Breakdown

Survey: Telling Your Agency’s Story – How, Why & When?

ELGL Co-Founder Kent Wyatt will lead a session on “Telling Your Financial Story” at the California Municipal Treasurers Association Conference in San Diego, California. Check out the conference agenda – CMTA 2019 Conference Agenda In preparation for the session, we want your input on the best way to communicate complicated budget and financial information. Complete … Continued

The Vital Role of the Public Information Officer

Are there too many public information officers (PIOs)?  Share your take by signing up to write an article for ELGL.  In this article, Katie Nelson and Chris Hsiung write about what they’ve learned while working for the Mountain View Police Department. Katie is the Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator and Chris is the Police Captain for the Field Operations Division. … Continued

Morning Buzz: Coming at You Live!

What I’m listening to – Started listening to a new podcast that focuses on mental health from a Latinx perspective. It’s incredibly refreshing as someone who grew up with overwhelming stigmatization of any sort of mental health condition. Take a listen to Latinx Therapy. What I’m watching –  Ozark. It’s like Breaking Bad, but imagine Walter White … Continued

Morning Buzz: Recapping Lots of New Ideas

What I’m listening to – Kingsley and Frankie Simone. I saw them at #TEDxMtHood on Saturday and their performances were super high energy! What I’m watching – Call the Midwife, I’m hooked after catching it during my last dental appointment. I’m also going to get started on Salt Fat Heat Acid soon. What I’m reading – Updated chapters of … Continued

The Vital Role of a PIO

Are there too many public information officers (PIOs)? Benjamin Bitter, Town of Florence, AZ, shares his perspective on research suggesting that a surge in PIOs negatively impacts journalism. He is an experienced city management professional, with specific expertise in personnel, economic development, planning, and financial management. He currently serves as the Assistant to the Town Manager … Continued

Morning Buzz: Confession

What I’m listening to – I can’t hear anything over my space heater What I’m watching – Much to my dismay I don’t control the remote in my all boy house, so typically Impractical Jokers or BattleBots What I’m reading – Buddhist Path to Simplicity     Confession: I would have stayed in grad school for the rest … Continued

Transparency & Storytelling Are More Important Now Than Ever Before

Are there too many public information officers (PIOs)?  Share your perspective by signing up to write an article for ELGL. Nick Smith, City of Gaithersburg, Maryland, kicked off the column with his take. Now, Chris Floore, Assistant to the County Manager for Public Affairs, Macon-Bibb County, writes about his experience. I’m not going to attack the report nor … Continued

Call for Writers: Role of the Public Information Officer

The Society of Professional Journalists research suggests that a surge in PIOs negatively impacts journalism. ELGL members have debated the finding in the ELGL Facebook group for the last week. Now, we’re taking a more detailed look at the topic. We want to know if you agree and how you view the role of public information officer. We encourage … Continued

Ask Ellie & Jill: Your Social Media Footprint

In the series, ELGL members can anonymously send their questions, difficulties or scenarios to [email protected] and receive a response from the ghost writing response team. Your name, organization and other details will not be shared in the posting or subsequent response. Dear Ellie & Jill, What advice can you provide on how to manage your local government social media … Continued

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