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What’s Civic Tech? National Day of Civic Hacking 2018

Today’s Morning Buzz is all about #NationalDayOfCivicHacking. Right Now with Daniel A. Soto (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Khalid – 8TEEN What I’m Watching – I recently watched Donnie Darko. It was weird What I Did this Weekend – I passed out on a sidewalk in the Mission District (I had a really bad, once-a-year-type migraine). What’s … Continued

Where are you going?

Brandi Leos,  Senior HR Business Partner at City of Tigard, Oregon (LinkedIn, Twitter) What I’m watching: Philadelphia (interesting to watch this move as an HR professional 25 years after its release) What I’m listening to: Apple Music’s Run NYC playlist (started running again this weekend and what a great list!) I recently attended a leadership … Continued

That’s the Last Straw!

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter)   There is no doubt we have a plastic problem. Our oceans are plagued with it and streets full of it. How do we fix this issue? We take baby steps. First up, straws. Seattle became the first major city to ban the use of plastic straws and utensils. … Continued

The Art of Neighboring

Today is National Night Out! To mark the occasion, neighborhood-sized celebrations are being held all over the country. These potlucks, parades and parties bring people out of their homes and into the streets and parks to mingle and celebrate community pride in where they live. National Night Out was started in 1984 and has not … Continued

Government news from around the world!

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m reading: Football Statistics Blogs — it’s less than a month now until football season, and I can. not. wait. What I’m listening to:  Say Anything’s …Is A Real Boy — an excellent standby. What I’m watching:  SBNation just started a series called “Rewinder” where they talk about how … Continued

Questions to Ask a Retirement Community

Morning Buzz by Kirsten Wyatt What I’m Reading: The Bronze Horseman What I’m Watching: Last episode of The Handmaid’s Tale What I’m Listening To: Kent’s Summer 2018 Playlist TL;DR: Here are some key questions you should ask if you or anyone you know is considering moving into a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). Todays’ Morning … Continued

Failure to Maintain Lane (FTML)

If you have a driver’s license you may vaguely remember “Failure to Maintain Lane (FTML)” traffic violation from driver’s education. It is one of the most common violations that causes accidents.  It can lead to drifting into oncoming traffic or swerving to avoid an accident. and causing an accident. If a driver change lanes, the … Continued

Shared Active Transportation Systems

Right Now w/ Zach Navin (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m doing – Writing Thank You’s What I’m listening to –  Lizzie McGuire Comes on at 4:00 pm (Nostalgic Spotify playlist) What I’m watching – It’s summer, go outside. What I’m reading – Undaunted Courage- Stephen E. Ambrose “We’re witnessing the biggest revolution in transportation since the dawn … Continued

Being the Youngest Person at a Meeting

Right Now w/ Joey Garcia (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Reading – The Color of Law What I’m Watching – Star Trek: TNG What I’m cooking – Vegan Eggplant Parmesan I recently came across an article on Lifehacker titled How to Deal With Being an Older Employee at a Modern Company that was clearly targeted to older employees struggling to … Continued

Inclusive Writing – A Style Guide

Kylie Bayer-Fertterer, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (LinkedIn, Twitter) What I’m Listening To: In My Feelings by Drake, gotta practice for the challenge… What I’m Watching: Luke Cage What I’m Reading: See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt What I’m Doing: At work, 1,000,000 recruitments. At home, refinishing my garage with my husband … Continued

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