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#GovireeLife: Be Courageous & Ask

This guest blog is by Francie Palmer. It’s part of a recurring series about her transition from local government, to retiree/community member superstardom. Here I am…. Shifting into the #GovireeLife!  What is “that” you say? After 14 years in the private and workforce development sectors, I spent an amazing 15 year career journey at a … Continued

New Blog Series Alert: #GovireeLife

ELGL is excited to announce a new monthly column starting in August from retired Rancho Cucamonga Communications Manager Francie Palmer sharing career reflections, insights and local government retiree aka #GovireeLife musings. This blog will focus on #ShouldHave #WouldHave #CouldHave and #WhatsNext adventures for a dedicated public servant, recovering workaholic and passionate #Govie! (Yes, she’s worn … Continued

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