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ELGL & UrbanLeap announce the 2020 Innovation Cohort Participants 

ELGL’s Innovation Cohort programs provide cities with the opportunity to tap into the collective energy and intelligence of the ELGL network with the assistance of the UrbanLeap platform. Members form a virtual, across-the-country Innovation Cohort to learn about new solutions, test them and learn from the experiences, and then figure out how to put those … Continued

Big Innovators in Small Places

 This guest blog is reprinted with permission from ELGL member John Burgoyne. The unsung heroes of local government innovation When you hear the term ‘city innovation’ in government, what do you envision? Does a major skyline creep it’s way into your imagination, with tantalizing technologies and curious creatives dancing about? Do the New Yorks and … Continued

Innovation is Not a Thing. It is What We Do.

This guest blog is brought to you by Jamie Eustace, Director of Community Engagement at the Sterling Municipal Library in Baytown, Texas. Reading: Wild Game by Adienne Brodeur and The Great Pretender by Susannah Cahalan Listening to: Death, Sex, and Money podcast Watching: The Morning Show Recently, I was participating in a discussion about leadership in … Continued

Thinking Logically About Results

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Brent Stockwell – connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!!! What I’m Listening To: True Colors (feat. Maya Avedis) by XO Cupid (2018) What I’m Reading: The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss  (2017) (Because Kendra Davis recommended it in her Oct. 29 Morning Buzz) What I’m Watching: Just finished … Continued

The Relativity of Innovation, Mind Over Matter

What I’m reading: Chuck Marohn’s new “Strong Towns-A bottom-up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity.” What I’m listening to: Go Cultivate’s latest podcast “Are we doing this right- Tiny Homes Edition.” What I’m watching: I haven’t watched TV in almost two years, but I am currently people-watching in Chattanooga, TN at the International Placemaking Week Conference … Continued

2020 Innovation Cohort Announcement!

Good news, folks! ELGL and UrbanLeap are starting another Innovation Cohort! This 2020 Cohort will be focused on Economic & Community Development and begins in January 2020. The year-long program is available to local governments in any state of any size! Last year’s Cohort was a massive success for many cities around the nation. With … Continued

Altoona: Perspectives on “Getting the Work Done”

The Innovation Cohort read Hana Schank’s “Getting the Work Done: What Government Innovation Really Looks Like” as part of their cohort learning. Today’s reflection post is by the the Public Library of Altoona, IA.  __________________________________________________________________________________ Think small. Failing is fine. Slow down. Listen more, react less. The answer isn’t technology. You have all the experts … Continued

Godzilla Turns 50: A Monstrous Story of Innovation

Photo: Godzilla, the first fully-automated residential trash collection vehicle (1969) Today’s Morning Buzz is by Brent Stockwell – connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!!! What I’m Listening To: Something to Say by The Town Pants (2018) What I’m Reading:  The Intelligence Trap: Why Smart People Make Dumb Mistakes (2019) What I’m Watching: Heavy Metal: Solid Waste Truck … Continued

Podcast: The All-America Cities Award with Rebecca Trout

Rebecca Trout Program Director National Civic League LinkedIn | Bio Recognizing communities for civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation. Rebecca Trout, the Program Director of the All-America City Award & Membership, joined the podcast to talk about the National Civic League’s work. She shared the history of the All-America City Award and stories from some of the … Continued

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