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Podcast: The Business Case for Employee Engagement

Bob Lavigna Director Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement LinkedIn | Twitter Measuring employee engagement. Bob Lavigna the Director of the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement at CPS HR joined the podcast to talk about why organizations should take employee engagement seriously. He argues that there is a business case to keeping employees engaged at … Continued

Employee Retention: What You Need to Know (Part II)

This guest blog is by ELGL member Melissa Asher, the Director of Training and Recruitment for CPS HR Consulting (full bio below). Read Part I of this post! Training and Development This brings us to strategy four – training and development.  This has emerged as a huge retention factor for today’s workforce. Employees recognize the need … Continued

Employee Retention: What You Need to Know (Part I)

This guest blog is by ELGL member Melissa Asher, the Director of Training and Recruitment for CPS HR Consulting (full bio below). Two years ago no one was talking about retention in the public sector.  Sure, we were collecting and reporting on turnover metrics, but retention wasn’t a big concern. In fact, during and after the … Continued

Webinar: Understanding Implicit Bias

Webinar: Understanding Implicit Bias Wednesday, January 23, 2019 Noon PST FREE! RSVP/Registration required Join ELGL and CPS HR Consulting for a free webinar on understanding implicit bias. Use this webinar to train your new employees, or refresh you staff’s understanding of attitudes or stereotypes that affect your local government’s performance in an unconscious manner. Webinars are … Continued

Attract, Develop & Retain Local Government Talent

This guest blog is by Robert J. Lavigna with CPS HR Consulting and is reprinted with permission from Governing Magazine.  It’s become an article of faith in government that improving employee engagement will drive improved performance and service. That’s not surprising, given the documented successes of private-sector firms in engaging their workers and reaping the financial … Continued

Breaking the Myth of Cumbersome Government

This guest blog is by Shannon Haynes, the Assistant Town Manager for Breckenridge, Colorado. As government leaders, we often hear that it’s impossible to get things done quickly. We all know that government frequently gets a bad rap for making processes more difficult than they should be. Our processes are too cumbersome and antiquated. We require too … Continued

Podcast: Technology & Permitting in Shrewsbury, MA with John Covey

John Covey Chief Information Officer Shrewsbury, Massachusetts LinkedIn Applying technology to make things better. John Covey, Chief Information Office of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, joined the podcast to talk about software, local government IT and improving processes. John shared his career path to working at the Town of Shrewsbury, his definition of a technologist and what he … Continued

Strategic Planning Webinar With Ferndale, MI

Strategic Planning Webinar Tuesday, December 4, 2018 11 AM Pacific | 12 PM Mountain | 1 PM Central | 2 PM Eastern RSVP online! ELGL members are invited to join a free webinar with the City of Ferndale, MI about the seven critical success factors and lessons they’ve learned as they conclude a two-year city … Continued

SaaS Benefits: Process Improvement & Customization

This guest blog is by ELGL member Lori-Ann Fox, the Director of Technology for the Town of South Kingston, Rhode Island.  Cloud-based, being open 24×7, customer centric, going paperless…..all of these phases are trends (and hopefully goals) in local government. So when the State of RI (the smallest state in the country) wanted to utilize … Continued

Technology as a Catalyst for Process Improvement

This guest blog is by ELGL member John Covey of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. At my core, I am a technologist. Just as a scientist or mathematician has a natural calling to their respective fields, we technologists have an innate ability to absorb, understand and disseminate technological information. In the world of municipal technology, we apply what … Continued

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