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Customer Service in the Public Sector

What I am watching: This is Home: A Refugee Story – Amazon Prime Video What I am reading:The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy   There is an old saying that when you have  bad customer service you tell EVERYONE about it, but when you have great service you might tell a … Continued

Morning Buzz: Coming at You Live!

What I’m listening to – Started listening to a new podcast that focuses on mental health from a Latinx perspective. It’s incredibly refreshing as someone who grew up with overwhelming stigmatization of any sort of mental health condition. Take a listen to Latinx Therapy. What I’m watching –  Ozark. It’s like Breaking Bad, but imagine Walter White … Continued

Morning Buzz: Recapping Lots of New Ideas

What I’m listening to – Kingsley and Frankie Simone. I saw them at #TEDxMtHood on Saturday and their performances were super high energy! What I’m watching – Call the Midwife, I’m hooked after catching it during my last dental appointment. I’m also going to get started on Salt Fat Heat Acid soon. What I’m reading – Updated chapters of … Continued

Obsolete and Onerous Regulations

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by the unnecessarily burdensome policies and procedures that exist in local government. Right Now with Daniel Soto (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Coast Modern – Now I’m Cool What I’m Watching – Season 3 of Riverdale debuted this week. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on my watch … Continued

Is This Really An Emergency?

What I’m reading: I’m currently reading the bottom line of the news. What I’m watching: Watching Hurricane Michael as it moves over the Florida coastline. What I’m listening to: Other than the news, my dog, Loki, is panting loudly since he just came back from the park with my wife. Emergency Action Plans Fire drills. From … Continued

Morning Buzz: Confession

What I’m listening to – I can’t hear anything over my space heater What I’m watching – Much to my dismay I don’t control the remote in my all boy house, so typically Impractical Jokers or BattleBots What I’m reading – Buddhist Path to Simplicity     Confession: I would have stayed in grad school for the rest … Continued

Mindset Matters!

What I’m listening to – Pundits discussing the Kavanaugh confirmation fallout What I’m watching – Some much needed rain What I’m doing – A Swedish death cleanse… feels so good to let go of the clutter! As a parent of elementary-aged boys I spend a fair amount of my time thinking about their development. The … Continued

Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings, and Your Local Gov Workplace

Morning Buzz by Kirsten Wyatt What I’m Reading: Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father What I’m Listening To: Mamma Mia! Soundtrack (Prepping for a 9-year-old’s birthday party…) What I’m Watching: Murphy Brown This Morning Buzz has two parts – the first is about office considerations while watching/ reading/ discussing … Continued

Negotiations and Bias

Right Now w/ Rebecca Woodbury (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Listening to – Nightswimming What I’m Watching – Kidding What I’m Reading –  Radical Candor What I’m Doing – having trouble sleeping For those of us trying to reinvent local government (as all good ELGLers are) — goshdarnit, that takes awesome people. It’s hard to … Continued

Morning Buzz – IAP2 Foundations of Public Participation

Susan Barkman shares a review for the IAP2 Foundations of Public Participation training. What I am watching: Bones What I am listening to: My iPhone is on shuffle, so whatever it decides. What I am reading: I just moved so I am in between at the moment… In graduate school, I found one of my … Continued

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