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UniverCity Year Seeks New Local Government Partners

This cohort program is offered by our friends at UniverCity Alliance – a cross-campus initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that connects local governments across the state with university resources to solve problems.  UniverCity Year is seeking new local government partners to work toward practical solutions to locally-identified challenges during the 2022-2025 academic years. The … Continued

Celebrate Public Service Recognition Week with the #GovPossible Toolkit

This campaign is brought to you by our friends at  Come celebrate the second annual #GovPossible campaign with the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of Personnel Management, and! Download our #GovPossible Toolkit for Twitter Download our #GovPossible Toolkit for LinkedIn/Facebook Our first #GovPossible campaign for Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) last … Continued

How Local Governments Can Support Home-Based Entrepreneurs

This guest article was written by Michael Huling, Graduate Assistant at the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership. Entrepreneurship has long been a feature of the American economy that reflects the dynamic and creative spirit of Americans. One of the fascinating developments that has emerged in light of the pandemic is the resurgence … Continued

Government Debt Gone Wild

In 2015 while opening mail, I came across a letter from a law firm. Out of curiosity, I opened this letter first. It was a debt collection agency hired on behalf of the City of Chicago to collect a parking ticket that I supposedly hadn’t paid ten years prior. The letter stated that I had … Continued

Sponsor a Public Service Fellow!

This program is hosted by our friends at the Center for Public Service (CPS) at Portland State University. As public agencies increase capacity during Oregon’s rebound from COVID-19, short-to-mid-term fellowships can be key resources for recruiting new talent. To that end, the Center for Public Service Fellowship Program at Portland State University matches budding public … Continued

A New Chapter for CivicPRIDE

Since 2015, CivicPRIDE has been a consistently growing, informal network of LGBTQIA+ local government employees and their allies committed to creating a more inclusive profession. For nearly seven years we have strengthened connections, amplified voices, and made sure that our profession knows that we are here, we are queer, we are talented public servants, and … Continued

Replacing a Government Employee Can Cost 150% of Worker’s Salary

This guest commentary is by Bob J. Lavigna with CPS HR Consulting. Bob is the author of the book “Engaging Government Employees,” and director of the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, a division of CPS HR Services, an independent government agency. This article originally appeared on RouteFifty.   Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, a … Continued

Herocrats Spotlight: Transportation Equity Planning Coordinator Abdullahi Abdulle

This article is brought to you by our friends at Bellwether Consulting in support of their Herocrats Spotlights series. Abdullahi Abdulle is a Transportation Equity Planning Coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Abdullahi’s connection to his community has been an important thread through his equity work, and we spoke to Abdullahi about how his … Continued

How to Win the Talent Wars as a Local Government

This article was written by Pavani Peri, Acta Solutions Co-Founder. Connect with Pavani on Email, LinkedIn or Twitter.  Throughout the pandemic, there has been high turnover and shift in people’s jobs. More and more, people are moving around workplaces—trying to find a well-suited job with good culture, remote work opportunities, and mission-aligned work. What does … Continued

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