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Go Forth and Facilitate

This Morning Buzz is brought to you by Ariana Adame, Planning Manager. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Website. What I’m Reading: Dare to Lead, Brene Brown   What I’m Re-Watching: The Soprano’s   What I’m Listening To: Butter by BTS (I live with a teen and a pre-teen) Have you ever explained what … Continued

Making the Most of an Informational Interview

If you’ve applied to be matched with a local government professional through ELGL’s information interview program, congratulations! You’ve already cleared the biggest hurdle towards a great informational interview. Getting the match is only half the equation, however—you’ll want to do some prep to make the most of the opportunity! The beautiful thing about informational interviews … Continued

Pursuing Higher Education Remotely

Image credit: Unsplash Article written by Jamielyn Rogers exclusively for People often wonder if the extra time and costs for higher education are worth it. In most cases, higher education is definitely an investment you should be making. An average person who has completed higher education earns approximately $78,000 a year, 75% more than someone … Continued

Ted Lasso’s Leadership Lessons [no spoilers]

By Sarah Moss, MPA | LinkedIn | Twitter What I’m listening to – Denver City Council Budget and Policy Committee meeting What I’m reading – Gifts of the Crow: How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans by John Marzluff and Tony Angell (Did you know that crows have two sets of … Continued

Here’s to the Champions

This article is brought to you by Valarie Poindexter, City of Grandview, Missouri Communications Manager. Connect with Valarie on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  If you work in any kind of local government, you’ve got one and don’t deny it: you’ve got a sh!t list. On it are the frequent flyers and constant complainers who like … Continued

Application Vulnerability

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Christopher Leonard, Administrative Supervisor for the City of Fort Lauderdale. You can connect with him via LinkedIn What I’m Listening To: “Relaxation” on Amazon Music.  As I mature, I have opened myself up to music that is calming over entertaining. What I’m Watching: Mostly inauguration and political … Continued

Three No-Cost Training Solutions for Local Government Training Offices

Like many government training offices at the start of the COVID19 quarantine, you may have had to switch quickly from in-person training to online training. In my former office at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, we converted all the in-person classes to online delivery through WebEx. Thankfully, our staff was prepared because most of … Continued

Read Plats/Speak Spanish

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m watching: Taskmaster — an incredible British game show where comedians … well, they complete tasks. It is a scream. What I’m listening to: Radio.Garden — spin the globe and listen to live radio streams from around the world!  Look, you have enough on your plate. I get that. … Continued

Dress Code Policies: The Hairy Dilemma

ELGL is the proud host of CivicPride content. The mission of CivicPRIDE is to advance inclusive local government by empowering LGBTQIA+ leadership.It is a national association for local government professionals of all gender and sexual identities. CivicPRIDE Board Member Taylor Reimann (LinkedIn) discusses workplace dress code policies and how confusing they can be for queer … Continued

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