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State of Place: Let’s Make this Last For…Longer than 3 Months

State of Place tapped ten experts on how cities can build their bench by keeping interns after the weather turns cold. Right now, your city is experiencing an influx of students who are evaluating the internships and amenities that your city has to offer. According to Google Trends, there’s always a sharp increase in searches … Continued

State of Place: There’s No Place Like….the Mall?

With ONE WEEK left before Christmas, State of Place thought they’d reprise last year’s epic trip to one of Houston’s largest malls and take the pulse of America’s seemingly dying pastime. This year, State of Place Technical Product Manager Alli Torban got in on the “fun.” Read about her recent visit to one of the DC … Continued

#AmazonHQ2: How Data Can Help Amazon Find It’s Perfect Match

Unless you’ve been on a social media diet, if you’re a place-lover or city-nerd, you knew last week was D-Day for cities vying for some Amazon love…and boy are cities chomping at the bit – 238 to be exact – all over, not only those in the U.S., but also plenty of contenders from our … Continued

Why Cities are Zombies (Part II)

This is a three part guest blog by ELGL member Mariela Alfonzo with State of Place. Read PART I: CITIES HAVE A LOT IN COMMON WITH STARTUPS PART II: MVPS AS ANTIDOTES FOR ZOMBIE CITIES 3) Build MVP Approach: In Lean Startup terms, an MVP, or a minimum viable product, is “that version of a new product … Continued

Why Cities are Zombies (Part I)

This is a three part guest blog by ELGL member Mariela Alfonzo with State of Place. From Mariela:We’ve been hard at work implementing lean startup principles and writing our Small Business Innovation Research Phase II proposal to scale our startup. It led us to think about our blog series about Lean Placemaking and how State … Continued

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