MLK Day 2020: Diversity & Inclusion in Local Government

Posted on January 18, 2016

To celebrate the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., ELGL members reflect on their experience with diversity and inclusion in local government.

ELGL works for equality and collaboration in local government – The Oregonian

What Does Inclusion Really Mean Anyway? Neha Subramanyam

Podcast: Operationalizing Racial Equity in Austin, TX – Brion Oaks

Keep Talking About Diversity – Susan Barkman

Meet a Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer (& Why Every City Hall Should Have One) – Peter Kobak

Increasing Equity by Unifying In-Person & Virtual Efforts – Jay Dawkins

Podcast: Fostering an Inclusive City with Mayor Steve Callaway

Race & Diversity in the Planning Profession – Giovania Tiarachristie, City of New York City

Blissfully Unaware, No More… – Kristina Ashton

All Eyes on Me…The Reality of Microaggressions – Tara Smelt

Refusing to Stay Silent – Tara Smelt

Part V: Organizational Diversity Is Deeper than Race – Christian Williams

Part IV: Countering the Ignorance of Racism – Christian Williams

Part III: “You Sound White” – Christian Williams

Part II: “No Blacks are Allowed at My Birthday Party” – Christian Williams

Part I: The Influence of Pop Culture on Racial Identity – Christian Williams

We Need Charade Ninjas – Nijah Fudge

#13Percent: Recognizing Privilege – Ben Bryant

My Thoughts on Publicly Discussing Race – Brittany Bennett

Race Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum – Casie Yoder

The Time Is Now….Become an Advocate for Diversity in Local Government – Kent Wyatt

#13Percent: Using Data to Improve Diversity and Inclusion – Janice D’Aloia

Impediments to Increasing Diversity and Inclusion Are… – ELGL

State of Diversity in the Local Government Workforce Is….. – ELGL

Greg Clay Discusses the Influence of MLK Jr. on His Career – GovLove

Busting Barriers to Public Involvement – Sarah Hazel

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