Rewind: City of Dayton, OH Take the Lead on Leave

Posted on November 11, 2015

Paid Parental Leave Report – Innovation Ohio

Click here to watch the recording of the webinar.
ELGL recently hosted a free webinar with leaders from the City of Dayton, Ohio on their new progressive parental leave policy.
Our guest presenters were:

  • Nan Whaley, Mayor City of Dayton
  • Kenneth Couch, Director, Human Resources, City of Dayton
  • Keary McCarthy, President, Innovation Ohio
  • Ariel Walker, Senior Policy Aide to Mayor Whaley

Part of measuring the success of the policy will be conducted during exit interviews.
Mayor Whaley believes, “Success = is a step in workforce feeling invested in; number of women “off-ramping” decreases.”
Forward thinking approach: recognizes the 20% training costs for every employee, so makes $$ sense.
Accrual of benefits puts younger families in a bind at the front end, which is why is important for new parents.
Interesting – polls well across all political demographics.
In first quarter of program, eight  employees used policy 1,900 total employees 0.4% of employees.
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says important to make gender neutral. By strengthening entire families we strengthen the initiative.
logistics: employees complete leave card prior to birth/arrival of child. Must use accrued time, provide notice.
Paid parental leave ‘was a no brainer’ for . Simple way of retaining quality workforce.
Bam! introduced policy on August 26 to celebrate National Women’s Day.
Quote from , “I began to have a recognition that we weren’t being very good to families.”
introduced in and now is following suit.
is beneficial for not only women and families, but makes good business sense.
Access to improves employee retention, job satisfaction, productivity.
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