Cohort Partnership Opportunities


We work closely with a number of private vendors, nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions, and other agencies to make sure we provide high-quality content at an affordable rate for all our cohort participants. Sponsorship of cohort programs is designed to support the staff time, infrastructure, and resources necessary for each cohort participant to maximize their learning during the program.

ELGL offers three main types of cohort as part of our sponsorship packages.

Duration Sponsorship Level
Cohort Sprint 6 weeks $5,000
Cohort Level Up 3 months $7,500
Cohort Deep Dive 6+ months $10,000

We're flexible and innovative, so if you have other ideas for how you'd like to sponsor or partner on a cohort training or program, please don't hesitate to reach out!

How it works

Once you’ve decided to partner with us, you’ll work closely with one of ELGL’s Program Directors to create and develop a curriculum. The Program Director will guide you throughout the planning and delivery of your cohort. We take care of the infrastructure and administration—you bring the expertise.

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