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Christian Williams


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Board of Directors

Emeritus Board of Directors

Christian Williams

Christian M. Williams served on the ELGL Board of Directors from 2018 to 2020. Christian is a Development Services Planner in Goodyear, Arizona. He works with the Development Continuum to ensure quality growth and development within his city. He was born in Florida and raised in sunny Arizona.  In 2019, he graduated from Grand Canyon University with his Master of Public Administration: Emphasis on Government and Policy. For his undergraduate studies he attended the University of Washington-Seattle and in 2009 graduated with a BA in Community, Environment and Planning; minors in Geography and Urban Design and Planning. He appreciates and enjoys the many connections and conversations he has experienced on his journey with ELGL. He views ELGL as a unique organization that allows for meaningful dialog amongst local government professionals; and says “I don’t think any other group does it the way we do!” He is excited for the trajectory of ELGL and wants to ensure we continue to share enriching content and experiences with one another.

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