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l geraghty


City of Portland, ME Director of Innovation & Performance Management

Innovation Cohort

Lena Geraghty, City of Portland, ME

Lena is the City of Portland’s first Director of Innovation and Performance Management. She is responsible for creating efficiencies and improving processes in departments across the City and ensuring Portland is a smart and innovative community. Before coming to the City of Portland, Lena spent several years as a senior advisor for the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University. She assisted more than 30 local governments in the US and beyond to manage and use their data to make better decisions for their communities.   Lena has always been a public service advocate. After seeing the impact many family members were able to make in the public sector and the gratification they received, she decided to focus on local government and performance during her MPA at UNC Chapel Hill. Working with governments large and small across the world made this position in Portland the ideal next step.

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