Welcome to International #CityHallSelfie Day – Updated 8/16 at 9:24 a.m.

Posted on August 5, 2016

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Today is International #CityHallSelfie Day! Here’s some background on this momentous day for local governments around the world:

Monday, August 15

Maxxin’ Out #CityHallSelfie Facebook Album at 999 Photos

…we filled #CityHallSelfie Day v. 1 with 999 photos, and then had to start v. 2! Who knew that you could only put 1,000 or fewer pics into an album?

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.06.30 PM

Do Ghosts Take #CityHallSelfies?

Check out this otherworldly submission from City of Colma, CA employees – they note that they have 17 cemeteries and 1.5 million underground “residents” in town…

Colma ghost

Nolan Ryan in Alvin, TX

City Manager Sereniah Breland wasted no time in tweeting her belief that the “#CityHallSelfie with a famous person” trophy belongs to Alvin, TX:

Suplex City

The curious thing about having #CityHallSelfie trend nationwide, is that it goes from being a niche concept, to something that people who have no connection to (or interest in) local government will tweet at. For example, this question about whether we’ve received a #CityHallSelfie from “Suplex City.” For those of you who love local gov *and* pro wrestling, enjoy:






Colorado Springs, CO Vine




Paris, Tennessee Has the World’s Largest Fish Fry

Thanks to #CityHallSelfie day, I learned this from Mike McClanahan:

Pun Game = Strong

It’s hard to top the puntastic posts from Christain, Blaise and Pam from Goodyear, AZ:


avondale AZ

Litchfield Park AZ

Kansas City Star Article – “It’s #CityHallSelfie day, so you can officially have fun with that

Mike Ekey was front and center in this Kansas City Star article about #CityHallSelfie day (with the amusing photo tag of “peculiar.).


Pete Dame FTW?

Pete Dame, the city manager of Grosse Pointe, MI is KILLING it during his lunch hour with #CityHallSelfies from his region in Michigan. Will he take home the “most selfies in one day” trophy?

Grosse Pointe Woods

Grosse Pointe Shores, WI

Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Grosse Pointe City, MI

Grosse Point Farms, MI

Phoenix Station KTAR Features #CityHallSelfie Day


Boca Raton Pulling Into the Lead for Most People in a #CityHallSelfie


Both Sides Now

City Manager Matt Bronson shows off the Grover Beach, CA selfie from the front and the back:

Grover Beach Background

Grover Beach, CA

Photoshop Win for Roanoke

Those clever Roanokians admitted the #CityHallSelfie sign was a clever Photoshop addition. We admire their creativity and their honesty:

Roanoke, VA

Mike Ekey Off to Early Lead for “Most #CityHallSelfies by an Individual”

Cass County, MO

Greenwood, MO

Lees Summit, MO

Real Time #CityHallSelfie Map

Potential Winner for Selfie From the City With the Smallest Population?

posed with a historic gymnasium in tiny Cooperton, OK, populaton 16:

Cooperton, OK

Early Leader…

for most people in a #cityhallselfie. Leisha DeHart-Davis visits the Town of Chapel Hill, NC.

Cp5ptImWIAEznLa (1)

New York Yankees

We have our first #CityHallSelfie from a New York Yankees draft pick. Tom Bonfield, City of Durham, NC, didn’t become Derek Jeter but he did become city manager.


California Love

Hat tip to the League of California Cities for supporting #CityHallSelfie Day. Wake up, wake up California folks, it’s time to get going.

Take Your Selfie on August 15

The Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) membership organization is launching the first annual National #CityHallSelfie Day, taking place on Monday, Aug. 15.

The goal is to break the record for city hall selfies taken in one day. Although the organization does not have the official record of selfies they estimate the number to be around nine.

You can participate in this new event by posting your #cityhallselfie on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. If you are not a fan of social media, send your #cityhallselfie via email.

Prizes will be awarded all day. Everyone who participates will receive an ELGL coozie. You’ll also have a chance to win a selfie stick, Treat Yo Self mug, Pawnee ringer t-shirt, Indiana names t-shirt, and RIP Harambe t-shirt.

As you wait for Aug. 15, check the #CityHallSelfie album.

ELGL is a professional association of more than 1,500 local government professionals from 45 states. Its members come from local government, nonprofits, public affairs firms, banks, students, as well as federal and state government.

Best Entry from a Non-Government Entity?

We have an early leader from the ABC 15 morning crew in Phoenix, AZ. Here’s a complete list of categories.

Live from #CityHallSelfie Day

We’re compiling all of the entries in a Facebook album – Live from City Hall Selfie Day. Check back throughout the day for update.

City of Jaketown

Have you visited the Jaketown City Hall? Stacy Schweikhart, City of Kettering, OH, submitted a unique entry which included Buzz Lightyear. We’ll review the contest rules to determine the eligibility of the entry.


Submit Your Selfies

Here’s how you can win prizes and prestige from ELGL. You can submit your #CityHallSelfie via:

  • Twitter using @ELGL50 or #CityHallSelfie
  • Instagram using @ELGL50 or #CityHallSelfie
  • Facebook by tagging ELGL or posting on our Facebook wall.

Let’s Go….

We’re off on the first ever International #CityHallSelfie Day, appropriately, the first entry of the day came from Andrew Coulson, Adelaide, Australia. For that, Andrew wins an ELGL prize pack.



Sunday, August 14

#CityHallSelfie Eve

OMG! It’s Christmas in August tomorrow. The drum beat continues to grow louder as local governments and their communities prepare to unleash city hall selfies.


Admit it, South Florida, you have caught #CityHallSelfie Fever.

Take Your Best Shot at City Hall ‘Selfie Day’ Monday August 15

Everyone is invited to join us at Oakland Park City Hall this Monday, August 15, for the first #CityHallSelfie Day sponsored by the Oakland Park CRA.

Participants can choose from a variety of fun props to create a clever selfie photo on their smartphone.

Show you are “Proud to be Oakland Park” by posting your selfie on social media using the hashtags: #P2bOP and #CityHallSelfie

Prizes for the most fun selfies will be awarded by the promotion’s sponsor — the City of Oakland Park Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

Please call 954-630-4251 to learn more or view the details online.


Our new favorite newspaper, the Texarkana Gazette profiles the preparations being made by Texas cities. We have to think this article was front and center in their Sunday edition.

Texas-side officials hope folks take part in City Hall Selfie Day

“We want to encourage citizen engagement. We want people to know where City Hall is, where to come if they have a question or want to attend a meeting, participate in the decision-making process, especially younger people who may not have been there before,” said Lisa Thompson, Texas-side public information officer.

The City of Garland, TX is breaking out their nicest cameras for the big day.


The nation’s most social media savvy mayor and Traeger Award winner, John Curtis, City of Provo, UT took to the Twitterverse to encourage participation.


Young and old, the great state of Wisconsin, is ready to start snapping selfies.



Friday, August 11

Glendale in the House

City of Glendale, AZ is rallying employees for the big day.


The Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) membership organization is launching the first annual National#CityHallSelfie Day, taking place on Monday, August 15. ELGL is a professional local government organization that believes connecting people and stories in local government is the key to attracting the best and brightest to public service. So, why selfies in front of city hall?

 It all began in 2014 when various municipal employees around the globe started snapping pictures of themselves in front of city and county buildings. What started as a fun way to show love for local government and their city halls became what is today an attempt to break the world record for most city hall selfies taken in one day. ELGL admits that they have no idea what the record number is, but they will attempt to break it anyway. On August 15th, participants of this momentous occasion can take a selfie in front of their local city hall and post it on any social media platform with the hashtag #cityhallselfie.

This record breaking event isn’t just for municipal employees either, residents are also getting involved. Glendale residents can join in the fun by visiting our own city hall at 613 E. Broadway and snapping a selfie.

On the big day, don’t forget to tag your selfies with #cityhallselfie and check our Facebook and Twitter pages for city news, information, and events.

For more information on City Hall Selfie Day and the ELGL check out their website, here.


New Category

We’ve added a new category for “best promotion of #CityHallSelfie Day.” We’ll give one award to a government entity and one award to a non-government entity.


Book It

The Ann Arbor Library is incorporating the #CityHallSelfie into their Summer Game Badge. Check. It. Out.


Perfect your pose, because it’s selfie time, Summer Gamers! Demonstrate your civic pride by taking a photo of yourself in front of 1) a civic building (like Larcom City Hall or the fire station), 2) a well-known Ann Arbor landmark, or 3) an AATA bus stop and share it!

Hashtag your selfie #SummerGameSelfie and share with us via Twitter or Instagram. Follow us on Twitter (@aadl) or Instagram (@aadlgram) so we can DM you the code. For those who prefer to stay outside the social media jungle, email your selfie to [email protected] and we’ll email you the code.

And did you know that August 15 is National City Hall Selfie Day? Stop by city hall for a quick snapshot and hashtag it #cityhallselfie to participate! Go forth and selfie, gang!


In Non-Selfie News

The Traeger Award continues to pick up press mentions. This time, the Finger Lake Times profiles Matt Horn, City of Geneva, NY, who remarked,

Horn named to Top 100 list

“ELGL is among the most creative and insightful professional groups in the nation today,” said Horn. “It is amazing to be listed among such an incredible group of public servants. The successes they list (for Geneva) come on the shoulders of so many of my team members, and of course, the ingenuity of the Geneva community.”



The smell of the first International #CityHallSelfie Day is in the air. From Australia to Canada to the U.S of A, local governments are making preparations for the world’s new favorite holiday.

North Carolina

The North Carolina League of Municipalities highlighted the big event in this blurb.

Yes, it’s real — #CityHallSelfie Day is an actual, international celebration scheduled for Monday, Aug. 15. People around the globe will be posting selfies, taken in front of their city halls, on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat with the #CityHallSelfie hashtag so the world can see. And there are prizes involved. Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL), the national group promoting #CityHallSelfie Day, says everyone who participates will get an ELGL coozie and has a chance to win a selfie stick among other prizes. The goal: to boost interest in local government and to break the record for the number of selfies taken in front of a city halls in a single day. “What’s the record? We’re not quite sure but we’ve pegged it at around nine,” quips ELGL. Please encourage staffers and residents in your town to participate.

In Durham, Josh Edwards made an appeal for Ron Swanson to get into the action.


South Carolina

Not to be outdone by their neighbor, South Carolina, in particular, the City of Columbia has taken to the airwaves and Twitterverse to promote #CityHallDay.





Selfie stick, or no selfie stick, that is the question for the City of Fort Collins, CO.




The City of Phoeniz, AZ is bringing out the big guns for #cityhallselfie day.



California was an early supporter of #CityHallSelfie Day, and California cities continue to educate the public about the day.




San Antonio City Hall is dressed up with a special message for Tim Duncan.




Home of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, Illinois cities are promoting the educational piece of #cityhallselfie day. Here are a couple of practice takes from the City of Effingham, IL.



And, the Town of Normal created this.




The City of Battle Creek posted this simple, yet creative flyer.




Game on for Gahanna, OH.



Wednesday, August 9

The Official ELGL #CityHallSelfie Avatar

Show that you are ready for #CityHallSelfie Day by replacing your Twitter avatar with the below image.

Twitter avatar (1)


Sasquatch Prepping for the Big Day


#CityHallSelfie Picture Book

The album continues to grow. Get ready Guinness Book of World Records.


History of the #CityHallSelfie

Your kids will be studying this in coming years so it’s important that you read the real history of the #CityHallSelfie.


Link: Birth of the #CityHallSelfie


Step 1…

CphsIhmXEAAEsSF (1)

Oakland Park provides step-by-step directions for snapping a #CityHallSelfie.


Not to be Outdone…


Kansas City, MO is bringing the noise with a Twibbon.


Tuesday, August 8

4-1-1 on Snapping a Selfie

You asked, “how do I take the perfect selfie?” That’s one of life’s more complicated questions. Chris Maddox attempted to answer it in this short video.

Spreading the Word

Today was a busy day in #CityHallSelfie land. Momentum is growing in California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, and Toronto for the  first ever International #CityHallSelfie Day. Let’s take a look around.



California is bringing their “A” game to selfie day. Their fingers are warmed up, practice photos snapped, but do they enough juice left in the cell phone battery. We’ll find out on Monday.

Bring. It. On. Laguna Beach.


Ryan Rundle is in deep thought zone while capturing City of Tustin City Hall.  


Just for giggles Ryan poses with the City of Buena Park City Hall.


He’s not done – City of La Habra City Hall.

CpcdmLqVIAASV3Y (1)



Hawthorne (FL) Mayor Matt Surrency took to social media to rally the troops from Florida and the National League of Cities. Props to Matt. ELGL swag is in the mail.


The Village of Pinecrest, FL answered the call with this nifty announcement.




The drumbeat for supporting #CityHallSelfie Day is growing in Missouri.


Holly McPhail

Holly is the Lily King of the #CityHallSelfie.

Holly stops by her hometown of North Redington Beach, FL. 


A classic – the City of New Orleans, LA


Double #CityHallSelfie All the Way


Monday, August 8

City Council Chronicles Votes Its Conscience 

Via our favorite journalist (that’s right, we’re calling Michael Karlik a journalist for his work reviewing council meetings.)


Attention Chronicleheads! Next Monday, August 15, is the holiest of high holy holidays: National #CityHallSelfie Day! The concept is simple: 1.) take a selfie at your city hall 2.) win prize.

As a bonus, City Council Chronicles is upping the ante. If you take a selfie WITH a city council member OR INSIDE OF a city council room, your picture will be posted here! So get out there and ambush somebody!


Guinness Book of World Records

We looked (i.e: quick Google search) and haven’t found a Guinness Book of World Records entry for city hall selfies. This means next Monday we have an opportunity to set a World Record. Do. Not. Miss. This. Opportunity.

Let’s dream big – we’re aiming to break the record, 12,598, for number of selfies in 24 hours.


O’ Canada, O’ Canada

Canada is in the house for City Hall Selfie Day on Monday, August 15. Check out the party that Richard Pietro is hosting at Toronto’s City Hall. It might be worth loading your family in the minivan and driving them to Toronto so they can witness the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Saturday, August 6

Checking In From the Badger State

Traeger Award winner Gail Sumi is warming up her fingers for Monday, August 15.


Gail checked in from Dane County, WI, home of GovLove podcast guest Scott McDonnell.


Friday, August 5

Navasota Is Ready


Props to the City of Navasota, TX and Mayor Bert Miller for spreading the word to their citizens. As we know, everything is bigger in Texas. Will anyone follow their lead?


Preparation Is the Key to Separation

The answer is “yes”, Georgia is serious about winning the prestigious award for the state with most city hall selfies on August 15.  A couple of Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) staffers spent Friday afternoon on a #cityhallselfie scouting trip. This is type of preparation that would make the 1990’s era Atlanta Braves smile.


San Francisco – The City Hall Selfie Treat

The South San Francisco Public Works Department is not sleeping. Their staff is ready to break out the Polaroid and start snapping city hall selfies. A good graphic goes a long way in communicating the importance of August 15.



Renee Kingston…

Remember the name because she is on fire. Let’s hope that she’s not peeking too soon before the greatest day of the year. Renee is the Camdenton, MO City Clerk and today she is in the zone.

City of Ithaca, Michigan


Town of Newark, MI

CpHubtyUMAAUfAH (1)

City of Carson City, MI



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