Debriefing the SGR Conference Experience

Posted on February 2, 2014

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First of all, Strategic Government Resources has the most energetic and capable staff of any public or private sector organization that ELGL has interacted with. They are detail oriented, knowledgeable, and passionate about local government (who knew there were others out there). As opposed to your normal run of the mill conference held in a gloomy chain hotel, the SGR Conference was held at Great Wolf Lodge. I know what you’re wondering — was there a group cannonball at the end? Answer: Maybe. We attempted to start a rumor that would turn into fact that everyone at the conference would receive a free iPad Air. Maybe next year.

2Beyond the location, the diversity of the attendees enhanced the conference experience. ELGL met attendees from Raleigh, NC, Stillwater, OK, Plano, TX, Sacramento, CA, and a ton of other locations.

So now that you are kicking yourself for missing out, we provide a few links to highlight the success of the SGR Conference.

Agenda: SGR Conference 2014, Creating a Learning Organization: Leading-Edge Strategies for Employee Development

3The Final Draft: Preparing for the SGR Conference – Kirsten Wyatt, Kent Wyatt, and Ben Kittelson presented on Developing Emerging Leaders in Your Organization. Our main point: whether you are an intern or city manager, you are always “emerging” in your career. This is why ELGL attracts professionals and students from a wide array of backgrounds.

Now Open: Southwest ELGL – While in Texas, ELGL staff announced the creation of a new Southwest ELGL chapter. The chapter has its own Twitter feed and is in the early stages of planning two major forums. Please spread the word to your colleagues in the Southwest. Thanks to Jim Proce, Assistant City Manager at City of Rowlett, who has already helped spread the word.

4Bringing the Rain to the Lone Star State – ELGL live tweeted and photographed the conference with the help of Kent Wyatt, Kirsten Wyatt, Ben Kittelson, Tim Clark, Greg Anderson, and Lori Philyaw.

ELGL Goes All Barbara Walters – ELGL staff was honored to interview Grapevine (TX) city manager Bruno Rumbelow about the legacy L.P Cookingham. The interview was recorded and will be released by SGR at a date to be determined. It’ll make a great stocking stuffer.

Midwest ELGL in the House – We enjoyed the chance to discuss potential partnership opportunities in the Midwest. Stacey Udoni has joined the SGR staff and is launching SGR’s effort to increase their visibility in the Midwest. Interesting fact: Stacey Udoni went to the same high school as Bridget Doyle.

God Bless Texas: What did we do in our free time? Ate at Waffle House, attended a Dallas Mavericks game, toured AT&T Stadium, and flew Frontier Airlines (big mistake).

Supplemental Reading6

The Legacy of L.P Cookingham

Grapevine, TX – Official Website – Meet the City Manager

Now Open: ELGL Southwest

ELGL Southwest on Twitter

ELGL Grows Relationship with Strategic Government Resources

Preparing for the SGR Conference

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