Elections, Innovation, & Social Media: October Updates From USDR

Posted on October 28, 2020


This is an update from ELGL member Jessica MacLeod with the U.S. Digital Response. Learn more about USDR and get involved here.

County Elections

Local elections officials across the nation have tackled challenges head-on as they prepare to make this year’s voting and elections process safe and streamlined for their communities. Governments from Lansing, Mich., to Boulder County, Co., and more have partnered with U.S. Digital Response to build election websites, recruit and train poll workers, optimize vote-by-mail, and more. These partnerships have been fast and free of charge, and the result is informed voters and prepared elections officials.

Check out how the City of Lansing revamped its elections website using USDR’s template and best practices. Plus, learn how other counties are connecting with USDR to prepare for the elections in 2020 and for years to come.County officials interested in partnering with USDR can fill out this brief intake form and will receive a response within hours.

NYC[x] Innovation Fellows

U.S. Digital Response strengthened its relationship with New York City by collaboratively launching the NYC[x] Innovation Fellows program. This program embedded technologist teams in City agencies for eight-week sprints, with the end goal being a technology product that provides immediate value to the agency.
USDR is currently recruiting for the second cohort of the NYC[x] Fellows program. Interested in pursuing a deep partnership with USDR? Learn more about this type of partnership here. 

Social Media Playbook

The need for fast, accurate communication to constituents is among the highest priorities for city leaders nationwide. U.S. Digital Response created a Social Media Playbook to help cities deploy trusted information to their communities across social media about topics like COVID-19, voter information, local emergencies, and more. This guided exercise in social media management, which has been used in Boston, enables cities to be strategic, increase engagement and decrease workload for their departments. Connect with USDR for a more in-depth analysis of your social media strategy.
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