ELGL Board of Directors – Job Description

Posted on April 28, 2017

ELGL connects, communicates, and educates about local government. For more information, please visit website at ELGL.org. ELGL is currently recruiting three new members for its executive board. This is the job description for a board member.


The board will support the work of ELGL and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by ELGL’s executive director (ED), the board-ED relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected.

Specific board member responsibilities include:

Leadership, governance and oversight

  • Serving as a trusted advisor to the ED as s/he develops and implements ELGL’s mission and vision
  • Reviewing outcomes and metrics created by ELGL for evaluating its impact, and regularly measuring its performance and effectiveness using those metrics; reviewing agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings
  • Approving ELGL’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Contributing to an annual performance evaluation of the ED
  • Assisting the ED in identifying and recruiting other or future board members
  • Partnering with the ED and other board members to ensure that board resolutions are carried out
  • Serving on committees or task forces and taking on special assignments
  • Representing ELGL to stakeholders and funders; acting as an ambassador for the organization
  • Ensuring ELGL’s commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the local government community


  • ELGL board members will assist with a fundraising and financial plan to ensure ELGL’s long range financial sustainability.

Board terms/participation:

  • Two ELGL board members (Kent Wyatt and Ben Kittelson) will serve ongoing terms.
  • Three ELGL board members will serve staggered two year terms.
  • Board meetings will be held monthly and committee meetings will be held as needed.
  • All participation will be electronic/remote unless otherwise planned and noticed.


  • This is an awesome opportunity for an individual who is passionate about ELGL’s mission.
  • Selected board members will have a bias for action and achievement, with a desire to make ELGL grow and thrive.
  • Board members should possess a sense of humor, creativity, strong writing skills, integrity, and credibility. Working in teams is an essential component of board service.

To apply:

  • Please fill out this online form.
  • Ben Kittelson, Kent Wyatt, and a small group of current ELGL advisory board members will select the remaining three board members, no later than May 30, 2017.
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