ELGL Digital Week 4: ELGL in One Word

Posted on May 18, 2017

As the ELGL Digital Project moves along, we are challenged each week to think about ELGL from a new perspective.

According to www.investopedia.com,  “Brand personality is a framework that helps a company or organization shape the way people feel about its product, service or mission. A company’s brand personality elicits an emotional response in a specific consumer segment, with the intention of inciting positive actions that benefits the firm.”

The framework for our most recent discussion was that there are five main types of brand personalities:

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  • excitement
  • sincerity
  • ruggedness
  • competence
  • sophistication

If someone asked you to describe yourself in one word, could you do it?

Would it be more challenging if you have to pick from five predetermined words?

How would you describe ELGL in one word?

Would it be one of the words in the original parameters, or is there another word that suits ELGL better from your perspective.

Image result for man anonymous obscured in darkThis debate among the ELGL Digital Work Group was a lively one. Of the original five, only excitement and sincerity were real contenders.

That was until the unknown figure in the shadows argued that in many ways we are some form of rugged.  He literally turned on a light and the discussion took a turn toward more unique terms.

In the end, no shock to anyone, we broke the rules. We left the five words given inthe original parameters behind and explored options which better captured the spirit of ELGL.

We all agreed that the one attribute that sets ELGL apart from all others is authentic.

We also considered that the grassroots structure of organization driven by boots on the ground professionals allows us to be very nimble in everything we do.

With nearly 200 of our members and closest localgov friends together for #ELGL17 in Detroit last week, we took the opportunity to spark up conversations around this topic.

We definitely heard that the personal, approachable, welcome-you-with-open-arms, authentic nature of ELGL makes us unlike any other professional association.

We also heard that our members recognize and appreciate ELGL’s ability to quickly and effectively respond to member questions on resources, best practices and trends.  We are not an organization with a massive hierarchy so we are much more nimble.

Tweet either #authentic or #nimble to us @ELGL50 or throw out your own suggestion.

We will be back with another Let’s Get Digital Update next week.


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