ELGL Holiday Mug Swap 

Posted on July 30, 2018

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ELGL Holiday Mug Swap ❄☕⛄

New Year, New Mug

Ready to drop 2016 like it’s hot? Get in on the very first ELGL Mug Exchange. Your choice of beverage and time to imbibe is up to you, but share the fun by gifting your fellow govie with something awesome. In short, you’ll be sent information for another exchange participant and that will be the person you’ll gift with a mug. Someone different will be given your information and will shop for you.

The mug swap is a fun way to connect with others in the local government world and add to your own collection at home or the office.

How it will go down: Any current ELGL member can use the super quick Elfster signup by December 3. We want to make sure everyone who sends a mug gets a mug, so please don’t sign up unless you are going to participate FOR SURE. If you’ve got an Elfster account already, feel free to use your own and just join “ELGL Holiday Mug Exchange”. Elfster is cool because you can suggest what you’re into and they can ask anonymous questions to help them choose the perfect pitcher. Watch your email like a hawk because the match will be made on Dec 3 and you’ll be sent info for another person. Shop, rifle through town stocks of giveaways, painstakingly hand paint a village seal onto a ceramic stein, etc. Ship your item before December 19. Wait impatiently for your loot to arrive.

When you receive your mug be sure to tweet or share a picture using #ELGLMugs!

Why sign up?

  1. I have an entire box of these “insert city name” mugs in our storage room
  2. I admittedly have a mug collection
  3. I want to make new connections in local government
  4. ❤ ELGL and ❤ getting things in the ? !
  5. I just broke my favorite mug


Q & A:

Where do I sign up?

Participation is simple! You may sign up and participate in the exchange using Elfster.

When do I need to sign up?

Sign up deadline is December 3, after that you’ll receive your holiday swag partners information via email.

What if I don’t have a municipal mug?

Running short on city logo mugs? No problem. Simply find one that showcases your community, alma mater, or anything else worth sharing this holiday season. The spending limit should not exceed $10.




❄☕⛄ Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, the ELGL Holiday Mug Swap is for you! ❄☕⛄

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