ELGL Member Tabbed Igniting the Flame Award Winner

Posted on September 30, 2016

American City & County magazine has named ELGL member Katie Walpole as one of the five Igniting the Flame Award winners. Katie is the leader of ELGL’s efforts in Nevada and has contributed a number of articles to the ELGL website including My Life in Presidential Terms with Katie Walpole, Clark County, NV and Finding Local Government with Katie Walpole, Clark County, NV.

Katie Walpole – LinkedIn and Twitter


Age: 26

Title: Management Analyst

Government: Clark County, Nev.

Bio: Walpole recently took over the performance measurement function on behalf of the County Manager and the rest of the Clark County senior management team. In her role, Katie works with over 20 different County departments on a monthly basis to submit performance measure reports, revise the various measures, analyze trends and calculate projections, and release information to the public via the Clark County website in order to promote transparency. She recently assisted the Election Department in developing performance measures. Furthermore, she is currently working with the County Public Administrator, the head of Park Police, and the Chief of Code Enforcement to develop performance measures for those programmatic areas. Additionally, since  joining the County, Katie has assisted in revising and implementing several new departmental processes.

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