#ELGL15 The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: Next Gen City Councilors

Posted on August 5, 2015

The Reveal

Aug 6
The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: Next Gen City Councilors is a session all about the young, dynamic elected officials taking their community by storm. Moderated by Phil Keisling of Portland State University’s Center for Public Service, the session will feature:

  • Lacey Beaty, Beaverton, OR – Councilor Beatty was elected to the Beaverton City Council last year. She is a Iraq War veteran and coaches lacrosse at Beaverton high School. Her motivation to run for office centered on a belief that, “There is a voice missing, one of a younger generation.” (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Karin Power, Milwaukie, OR – Councilor Power, elected to the Milwaukie City Council last November, is an attorney for the Freshwater Trust an environmental law firm in Oregon. Besides efforts on water resources she’s also passionate about the liveability of Milwaukie, which is home to the new Orange Line light rail from Portland. (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Alex Torpey, South Orange, NJ – Mayor Torpey was elected to lead the South Orange Township at the age of 23 and has worked to engage other young residents of the mostly middle class suburb of New York City. Specifically he has focused on making local government more accessible. (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Shannon Reynolds, Fircrest, WA – Councilor Reynolds celebrated her 21st birthday in style as the youngest elected official in Pierce County, WA. She ran for office while still attending Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, she hoped to bring a fresh perspective to her hometown because she felt the programming from the city was alienating unmarried residents and young adults. (LinkedIn)
  • Mo Cheeks, Madison, WI – Alder Cheeks was first elected to the Madison Common Council at age 28, and two years later was elected by his colleagues to his current role as the Council President Pro Tem. He is also the director of the Wisconsin Innovation Network, a group that advises the State on technology and science issues. His passion for innovation, community development, and public service are coming together to shape the future of the badger state and its capital city. (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s clue, where you’ll be able to guess the next session of #ELGL15. This year’s annual conference will be on October 22nd and 23rd at the Edgefield McMenamins in Troutdale, OR.

The Clue

This year’s #ELGL15 session list is being revealed with a clue first. Yesterday we got started off with the first clue. We got some submissions and guesses but no one correctly identified the session or speakers. Your first clue was:
#ELGL15 Clue 1

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