#ELGL16: Get to Know GovSense

Posted on October 20, 2016

#ELGL16 sponsors will be active participants, so we’re pleased to welcome supporters like GovSense (a Record of the Year sponsor, based on our not-at-all-cheesy system of sponsor tiers inspired by VH1, MTV and the glory days of music videos on television). We’ve asked GovSense to provide a brief rundown of their products and services to help you get a better idea of how they might be able to assist your organization.

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Intuitive, Flexible and Easy To Use
GovSense configurable products are focused on local government, allowing users to make changes at the end user level through configurable dashboards and mobile-friendly applications. Thanks to this flexible platform, you can also optimize IT investments as there is no need for an IT specialist in order to make slight changes.

Being cloud based also helps your agency reduce overall server room electric consumption, upfront and ongoing costs such as maintenance and personnel and even see a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Integrated, Open and Real Time Information
GovSense has the ability to integrate to almost any business system at the business layer of the application. From email and calendars to GPS and map data, GovSense connects seamlessly to the tools you rely on every day.

Staying away from siloed alternatives increases citizen engagement, reduces wait and permitting time and encourages better collaboration throughout departments. With tools such as our Citizen Portal, recognizing revenue faster and strengthening relationships with constituents has never been easier.

People love the fact that GovSense is built and intended to be implemented fast. The GovSense Agile Methodology provides for the flexible and incremental adoption of the system in many small phases which significantly improves the resulting success of implementations and reduces the time as to when you can start using the system. Additionally, user adoption greatly increases because the system is delivered incrementally with training along the way. The end result is that you maximize your return on your investment.


Anywhere, anytime, any device
Our browser agnostic systems let you view and provide real-time information from any place, on any mobile device. This not only helps your agency keep building smarter communities by increasing constituent engagement, but also speeds up processes, saving you time and money.

Likewise, GovSense’s true cloud provides fast product updates that are regular and at no additional cost. When trying to choose the right vendor for your agency, it is important to know that true cloud providers are built to give your team access to systems from any location and built to provide almost 100 percent uptime and advanced privacy protections.

Finally, through our GIS Foundation GovSense is able to take the spatial data of your jurisdiction and leverage it toward non-traditional purposes such as planning and budgeting or economic development initiatives.

GovSense has made a name for itself thanks to our unique characteristics and outstanding team of professionals. In 2016 alone, GovSense was named one of the top 100 government focused companies by GovTech, a top local government company by ELGL and the best place to work for second year in a row.

Contact us to learn more about how GovSense can help your local agency keep building smarter communities through innovative technology.

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