#ELGL16 PDX: Recycling Reconsidered

Posted on October 17, 2016

Recycling Reconsidered: Whole Life Cycle Materials Management









With #ELGL16 knocking on our doors, it’s time for an introduction to our speaker panels. Having trouble deciding which panel to choose? This will make it even harder!

What’s that all about?

Ever wonder where Oregon is headed in thinking about the lifecycle of the materials we use? Learn about the statewide approach to materials management, get your hands dirty in a discussion about the City of Eugene’s Love Food Not Waste® commercial compost program, and find out how you don’t have to go it alone with a peek at the City’s public private partnership for marketing a compost product.

Do tell who tells?

Stephanie Scafa (Love Food Not Waste® & LinkedIn)


Stephanie Scafa is the program manager for the Waste Prevention and Green Building program at the City of Eugene. She started her career at the City five years ago by growing the Love Food Not Waste® commercial compost program into the success it is today. Currently, she advises all materials management and green building programs and policies for the organization. She has a background in human behavior and sustainable economic development, and holds Master’s degrees in Community and Regional Planning and Public Administration from University of Oregon.

David Allaway (Waste Prevention Strategy)


David Allaway is a senior policy analyst at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Materials Management Program, where he coordinates projects related to sustainable production and consumption, materials (including waste) management, greenhouse gases, and life cycle analysis. David recently led efforts to develop and update the first sub-national consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions inventory in the US, was a contributing author of the International Council for Local Environmental Issues US greenhouse gas accounting protocols for communities and recycling, and served as an invited science advisor to Wal-Mart’s Packaging Sustainable Value Network. A member of the West Coast Forum on Climate and Materials Management’s leadership team, and a recipient of awards from the administrator of the US EPA and the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment, David has a B.A. in physics from Carleton College, Minnesota.

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