#ELGL17: What’s Going On with Daniel Bourdeau, City of Westland, MI

Posted on April 10, 2017

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Daniel Bourdeau

Chief Innovation Officer – City of Westland, MI

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

Before you leave for #ELGL17, what’s the biggest project facing you at work?

Balancing human and capital resources between the need to protect data and infrastructure with making meaningful and organizational wide innovative progress. It can be easy to become fixated on entrenchment while letting community changing opportunities and innovation slip by.

Window, middle, or aisle – which is your preferred seat on an airplane?

Window for vacation – I want to see my destination coming. Aisle for business – I need my space to innovate.

When I think of Detroit, I think about…

A stone sculpture. In its rawest form there is inherent natural beauty and strength. However, with the right ‘artist’ and the right vision it can be transformed into something truly remarkable that will endure for generations and weather many changes with grace.

What’s the best article or book that you’ve read about Detroit?

Detroit an American Autopsy by Charlie Leduff

Detroit is the home of ‘Motown’. If you started a Motown group, what would you name it?

The Tonedeaf’s – well because I am- mostly.

Who is the most famous person in your cell phone contacts?

Mickey Redmond

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