#ELGL17: What’s Going On with Marne McGrath, City of Ferndale, MI

Posted on May 9, 2017

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Marne McGrath

City of Ferndale, MI – City Recorder

Connect: LinkedIn

Before you leave for #ELGL17, what’s the biggest project facing you at work?

Developing and implementing a records management and information governance strategy

Window, middle, or aisle – which is your preferred seat on an airplane?

My preferred seat is the co-pilot’s seat in my boyfriend’s airplane, but I’ll take the window. I like to look out over the tops of the clouds.

When I think of Detroit, I think about…

How many times we heard that Detroit was done, and how it always reinvents itself…

What’s the best article or book that you’ve read about Detroit?


Detroit is the home of ‘Motown’. If you started a Motown group, what would you name it?

Marne and the Precinct Inspectors

Who is the most famous person in your cell phone contacts?

I got nothing, or should I say no one…

What question(s) should we have asked?

Pet peeve, mine is when people say “Let me be honest with you.” Seems to imply they are lying to me the rest of the time…

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