ELGL19 Session: Building a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

Posted on January 24, 2019

Diverse Inclusive Workplace

Time: 3:15 pm Thursday, May 16

Location: Morris Street Hallway, Room #1 

Breakout: Building a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

The culture of an organization has a big impact on how employees feel about their place of work. From retention and recruitment to job performance, culture plays a role in shaping organizations. Local government employees are changing their expectations for what they want from their employer and how those organizations value diversity and inclusion. As a result cities and counties need to adapt. In this session three panelists from different organizations, positions and backgrounds will share their perspectives on how to build an inclusive workplace culture.



Christine Edwards Sereniah Breland Nathan Bassett
Christine Edwards
Community Relations
Mecklenburg County, NC
LinkedIn & Twitter
Sereniah Breland
City Manager
Pflugerville, TX
LinkedIn & Twitter
Nathan Bassett
Budget Analyst
Gaithersburg, MD

This panel will be moderated by Eric Marsh, Durham County, NC (LinkedIn & Twitter)

Track: Workforce of the Future

The local government workforce is changing and that means that organizations have to adapt. The expectations that employees have for their employers are changing and the organizations that want to attract the brightest minds have to change too. From the latest ways that cities across the country are experimenting to diversity and inclusion this track will explore the changing nature of our places of work.

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