ELGL19 Session: Engaging Local Government Employees

Posted on February 4, 2019

Employee Engagement

Time: 10:20 am Friday, May 17

Location: Morris Street Hallway, Room #2

Breakout: Engaging Local Government Employees

Everyone knows the old adage of “take care of your employees and they’ll take care of you.” But how do you measure whether you’ve taken care of your employees? New studies suggest that employee engagement can be a way to measure how well your organization is motivating and developing local government staff. In this session attendees will learn what it means to engage employees and how to do so effectively. Especially in local government where resources are slim to provide bonuses or promotional opportunities. Come to ‘Building Engaged Employees’ to hear from two practitioners and a human resources expert on how to motivate, develop, and engage employees as well as why employee engagement matters. This session will build off the other ‘Workforce of the Future’ sessions on how to engage the diverse, inclusive workforce you have worked hard to recruit and retain.


Bob Lavigna Tansy Hayward marissa johnson
Bob Lavigna
Institute for Public Sector
Employee Engagement
Tansy Hayward
Assistant City Manager
Raleigh, NC
Marissa Johnson
Digital Content Coordinator
Sterling Heights, MI

Track: Workforce of the Future

The local government workforce is changing and that means that organizations have to adapt. The expectations that employees have for their employers are changing and the organizations that want to attract the brightest minds have to change too. From the latest ways that cities across the country are experimenting to diversity and inclusion this track will explore the changing nature of our places of work.

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Profile Tansy Hayward, Raleigh, NC

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